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The Language of Symbols!

As stated in the previous post about Symbols in general looking at symbols or even photos and statues that symbolize a specific concept provoke certain feelings, ideas and memories and therefore affect us in numerous ways.

Our human body is a complex bioplasmic field. Every chakra has consciousness of its own. Even the tiniest cells in our body have consciousness and are therefore responsive to orders and feelings.

Symbols in this case, by stimulating certain thoughts and feelings create various effects in the body.

Based on the Principle of Correspondence, what affects the energy body, affects the physical body as well. Inauspicious symbols in this case are the ones that provoke sadness, depression and pessimism, which in return attract bad luck while auspicious ones stimulate positive vitalizing feelings that in return bring more success, happiness and abundance.

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In Feng Shui and Vastu Shastra the symbols and pictures that create a positive feeling, either by signifying a spiritual value, a natural element or a cultural event are considered auspicious. The symbols and decorative element mainly revolve around subjects of prosperity, protection, spirituality, peace and happiness.

– One of the commonly used auspicious symbols is the picture of running horses. The horses should be placed in such away as though they are running into the house or the office. This symbol basically means that abundance and prosperity is flowing in abundance into the house. It therefore provokes a feeling of dynamism and activity. Therefore it can be placed in the living room, office, entrance hall, but not inside the bedroom or meditation rooms where stillness is required.

– Another auspicious symbol is the photo or statue of an elephant. Elephant is the symbol of strength and family life as elephants are basically family-oriented. Therefore it is an auspicious symbol to be used in the house.

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– Fo Lu Shou, which is the statue of 3 old wise men in also extremely auspicious in the Chinese culture. These three wise men are basically 3 gods that represent long life, wealth and good fortune or happiness. Therefore it is considered auspicious to be used as a decorative element for the house or business.

– Fruits, breads and vegetables are symbols of abundance and prosperity; thereby looking at them can help to attract the energy of prosperity. Blossoming flowers, fertile farms, big healthy trees and floriferous plants are all among the auspicious photos that can be used to decorate our homes, especially the dining area.

– Statues or photos of great souls, spiritual teachers and saints attract the energies of spirituality and wisdom and therefore can be used in meditation rooms or studying areas to activate the upper chakras.

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– Wu Lou is a Chinese statue that is often used as the symbol of good health and longevity. Wu Lou is believed to contain the Elixir of Immortality and therefore looking at it is believed to provoke a feeling of good health and long life for the whole family.

– The Dragon-headed Tortoise is another auspicious Feng Shui symbol, which is a mystical creature. It basically combines the power of the dragon, symbolizing success, courage and determination, and the steadiness of the tortoise, signifying longevity. Being seated on a bed of gold coins, it is considered as a symbol to bring tremendous amounts of prosperity, success and good fortune.

– The Mystical knot is the symbol of endless abundance. Mystical knot is a composition of several eternity symbols tied together in such a way that there is not a beginning, neither an end to it. The Indians believe that this knot is the favorite emblem of Lord Lakshmi, who is the goddess of wealth.

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– Picture of the lotus is the symbol of activated crown chakra and therefore represents universal love and spirituality. It is thus auspicious to be used for meditation room, main hall and entrance. When the lotus blooms, it signifies a happy occasion.

– The pair of Golden fishes symbolically signifies life and happiness, fertility and abundance. It is believed that this sacred symbol is originated from two sacred rivers of the Ganges and the Yamuna as well as the lunar and the solar channels of the human body, the Ida and Pingala nadis that bring life to the body. In China fish is believed to swim in pairs and a pair of fish signifies unity. Goldfish in fact is auspicious in many cultures including Persia, Egypt and South Asia.

– The White Umbrella is a traditional symbol of protection. It signifies being royal which brings great honors and recognition. In Tibetan Buddhism The White Umbrella Goddess is believed to be protected against any form of black magic and evil spirits.

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Other auspicious symbols and pictures in Feng Shui include The Banner of Victory that symbolizes protection, royalty and recognition, The Treasure Vase that signifies contentment and prosperity, The Right-Turning Conch Shell that is believed to bring power, authority and sovereignty and banish evil spirits, The Golden Wheel that symbolizes creation and protection.

To become familiar with more esoteric symbols and know more about how symbols or signs influence us and what is their actual spiritual significance, you are highly encouraged to attend Pranic Feng Shui & Acheiving Oneness with the Higher Soul workshops, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.

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