You and Your Thoughts!


A “Spa Day” for Your Soul!

While the talk of the town Topic is “Being Green” and focusing on “environmental friendliness,” which we need to take seriously, lets do our efforts of beginning by thinking green!!

Imagine you just spent your Sunday cleaning your car or your rug to its original glow, would you intentionally throw garbage or cup of coffee on it??? Certainly not.

This same principle applies to words & thoughts that we allow to take up residence in our minds.

However, thoughts and beliefs that are positioned in your mind today may be so very true to you, but may actually be based on layers of hurts. These are the thoughts that might be toxic. Sometime these thoughts seem so real that most people have hard time letting them go. They have taken root over times like weeds, which we take for beautiful flowers. Sadly, these limiting beliefs are choking away the very essence of “who we are”.

If we live in a toxic environment, & add to that the intake of toxic foods to compliment a toxic thought life; we are overloaded.

To stop this nurturing a “toxic garden” in our mind, get this magical hands-on experience of Pranic Psycotherapy. Its like a “spa day” for your soul!

Get in touch with your nearest GMCKS Pranic Healing Centres / Healers for a healing session & experience it for yourself. Believe me its worth doing!

You can also gift healing session to your loved ones & friends they will surely enjoy it!!


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