We Truly Start Living when the Pendulum Stops


KB was watching the swing of the pendulum – left to right, left to right – and pondering on it. Then the hour struck. And realization dawned…

We all go through life like the pendulum – oscillating between two extremes – hope and fear. Hoping for good times to come and fearing the future. Even when one is enjoying the good time, one is still afraid of the future – not knowing what it might bring with it. It is because we know that the only thing guaranteed in life is CHANGE. And we are afraid of change – not knowing what exactly it entails.

As a Light worker KB knows that change is Cosmic Law. It comes as inexorably as Night follows Day. And this led to the realization that this DUALITY is the essence of life in this temporal world. According to GrandMaster Choa Kok Sui, the entire manifested universe would not have been possible but for the fusion on the two opposites – pure Consciousness and pure Matter.

Naturally our world is also made of duality. It’s a world of laughter and of tears; of gross materialism and pure spirituality; extreme greed and complete renunciation; crudity and nobility; utter selfishness and total selflessness. Haven’t we witnessed all these dualities in human nature?

The problem with us – ordinary mortals – is that we swing from one extreme to another – unable to stop and decide which way to go. What we lack is BALANCE. It’s when the pendulum stops, balance can be achieved. That’s when one learns to take both the positive and the negative experiences of life with calmness and equanimity. That’s when we start LIVING. Before that we merely survive. Guess, that’s what Shakyamuni Buddha meant by ‘Madhya Pantha’. And GMCKS called “Self – Mastery” – which is the pre – requisite quality for achieving balance. Self – mastery helps stop our personal pendulum at the fulcrum. The rest is BLISS and STILLNESS.

Achieving balance is also an important milestone in the evolution of the soul. As per Theosophy, souls incarnate repeatedly sometimes in male and sometime in female bodies, to achieve ideal, balanced growth.

We Truly Start Living when the Pendulum Stops

It must be an ideal combination and balance of masculine and feminine – two opposite qualities. Such a perfected soul is exemplified in the Indian concept of ‘ARDHANARISHWAR’ – where SHIVA and PARVATI merge with each other and form one body. The Divine Androgyn.

That is when KB wondered, if being neither a male or only a female is the ideal evolution of the soul and we worship the idol of ‘Ardhanarishwar’, then why do we look down upon the so called 3rd gender – known as ‘Hijras’ in our country who are virtually social outcasts? Aren’t they the physicalized examples of the Ideal Soul?

True the Supreme Court has given legal status. But social status? Still a fancy. How glaringly it points out our ambivalent attitude – the discrepancy between intellectual appreciation and true realization.

No wonder GMCKS repeatedly told us to practice accurate perception and correct expression. To learn to see Truth behind the veil of Life and be honest and true to ourselves and others by correctly giving expression to our thoughts, emotions and actions.

When should we learn not to verbally profess one thing and behave differently? Its only when we understand and follow GMCKS’s teachings, our swings between extremes will stop. And we will become evolved souls. Some Day.


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