On Fears of Becoming a Pranic Healer


Pranic Healing and Healer’s Power

When they asked us to learn Pranic Healing, apart from a skeptic, scientific perspective into things, was a deep yet imperceptible fear inside my mind. And this is there in most minds. This is the fear of being empowered.

On Fears of Becoming a Pranic Healer 1

Think about that…. You know somewhere at the back of your mind, “this is going to empower you.” It is NOT giving you powers, but awaken you to your own powers!  An apt analogy is like you before learning to drive and you now speeding on the highways with songs to the wind and your hair flowing back.

A still closer analogy is that of a pilot. Anybody who chooses to become a pilot is not born with that ability. They train, and they develop skills through repeated practice, and one day the Boeing 737 that you take over the transatlantic is controlled by a boy in your neighborhood who became a pilot.

Think back…did you feel fearful before you learn to drive, and felt empowered once you learnt?

Or when you learnt to ski? Or learnt to do paragliding? I mean, think back about any new thing that you learnt that pushed you beyond your old boundaries.

Similarly, in Pranic Healing, the skills and the science that you receive are actually some of the most empowering things you may have received up till now.

On Fears of Becoming a Pranic Healer 2

Now, here is something that empowers you – you know, the “you” with your own pains and hurts and worries, bills, babies, kitchen, cooking, housecleaning, old grandma, job, etc.; basically “simple, ordinary you”; NOW with the power, the ability to change things…empowered to change situations in your own life or life of others. To change them to the extent that even your teacher may not be able to predict for you; the ability to change things can go to the degrees of empowerment – such POWER of positive co-creation – that it can’t be predicted by anyone.

And that is where fear creeps in…your mind, which is a mix of conscious and subconscious processes, goes…who? Me? Can I really? … Same fear that jumps in before the ski jump, or the first highway drive, or the first flight take off.

And if you had given in to this fear you wouldn’t have done anything that pushed you beyond yourself!

The point is, Pranic Healing empowers you without “giving” you some kind of “external power” that is understood in connection with intangible things.

On Fears of Becoming a Pranic Healer 3

The “powers” you do receive are the power of knowledge, of understanding, of KNOWING about the world of subtle energy, which is like knowing what’s wrong in the car hood when it stalls or coughs and sputters in a certain way. Or like knowing what to do in a biplane when there’s a nosedive.

This is your body, your emotions, relationships, your mind, LIFE, beliefs, finances….your kids…and the legacy you can leave behind for them and for the planet when it is time.

The gift you can give to your parents that is beyond what any money can buy.

Think about it……

This empowerment is what Pranic Healing brings to you. This is what many minds fear…the fear of becoming fearless, of being reasonably effective in changing your own life and life of others for the better. With this empowerment you can create heaven for you and your loved-ones.

Make heaven on earth! Be empowered! Learn Pranic Healing!

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  1. Ali May 23, 2016 Reply

    On earth as it is in heaven
    just by pranic healing started to make sense for me

    why LIFE is written in capital by the way, any intention?:)

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