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We’ve started exploring chakras by first having a general introduction about them and then discussing the Basic Chakra. In this instalment of the series, we are going to talk about the second chakra, which is commonly known as Sex or Sacral Chakra. It is located at the pubic area and has traditionally been considered to be connected with the Water Element. The Sacral Chakra has six petals and contains orange and red pranas. In Sanskrit it is known as the Swadhisthana Chakra, which is a sanskrit word, meaning “dwelling place of the self.” in Martial Arts it is called Hara, and in Kabbalah, Yesod or foundation. The Sacral Chakra is the foundation of physical creation. It is the foundation of the physical world that we live in. It is the center for procreation!

In Yoga technology, the sense associated with Swadhisthana chakra is believed to be taste and the organs connected with it are the urinary and reproductive systems. Therefore Swadhisthana is largely responsible for purification of bodily fluids. It governs the gonads and production of sexual hormones and has a very strong influence upon our moods and emotions. Swadhisthana is also linked to the mobility of our joints and especially the hip joints, pelvic area and legs. It is also considered an important chakra dealing with activation of Kundalini energy.

Sacral Chakra

As discussed before, chakras have physical, mental and spiritual functions, and the activation of certain chakras may result in the development of certain psychic faculties.

As the name suggests, the Sacral Chakra is the centre for sexual instinct. Persons with strong Sex or Sacral Chakras usually have strong sexual desires due to having a lot of sex energy, while persons with a weak chakra, tend to become frigid.

Although most people relate the sex energy to be a physical need and important for procreation, it has been considered a valuable energy in spiritual societies as well. In fact sex energy is an essential requirement for spiritual growth, activation of kundalini energy, mental development and even gaining inner powers such as out-of-body travel.

Before we delve into the spiritual aspects, let’s take a quick look at what the physical responsibilities of the Sacral Chakra are.

Physically, the Sacral Chakra controls and energises the reproductive system and the urinary bladder. (For a detailed study on the physical functions of the Sex chakra, please refer to the Miracles through Pranic Healing book.)

Looking at the systems and organs the Sacral Chakra controls, we can quickly identify what problems the malfunctioning of this energy center may result in:

  1. Urinary problems
  2. Impotency
  3. Sterility
  4. Enlarged prostate glands
  5. Other sexual ailments

Clairvoyant observations have shown that when a person urinates, the Sex and Meng Mein Chakras produce a lot of orange prana, which assists in expelling and eliminating waste matter from the body. Since both these chakras are instrumental in controlling the body’s waste management. Based on the experience of a number of Pranic Healers, people who have issues in eliminating emotional and psychological wastage tend to develop problems in areas controlled by these chakras as well. To have a healthy Sacral Chakra, having a proper attitude towards life, forgiving others and regular cutting of cords from people, places and events, seem necessary.

For those on the spiritual path, the sex energy plays a major role in accelerating the spiritual development. That is why in many religions, the committed practitioners need to practice celibacy. By storing the sex energy through abstaining from sexual intercourse and by bringing this energy up to the Crown and the upper chakras, one can achieve greater spiritual experiences. As taught by Master Choa Kok Sui, sex energy can be transmuted into love, creativity and spiritual oneness. The techniques of transmuting the sex energy into creative energy and higher vibrations that can activate brain cells are parts of Arhatic Yoga workshop. A certain portion of transmutation also takes place whenever anyone properly practices Superbrain Yoga as taught by Master Choa Kok Sui.

“Transmutation of sex energy can be done every day, especially if a person does not engage in any sexual activity. This can be done by adolescents or teenagers to accelerate their mental and spiritual development. It should not be practiced during menstruation or when a person is very irritated or angry.”

Master Choa Kok Sui, Spiritual Essence of Man, Page 152

However, we live in times where losing control over the Sacral Chakra is unfortunately more common than retaining control over it. As spiritual aspirants, when we recognize the inherent spiritual nature that is there in the sex energy, we become more effective Divine channels for manifesting harmony. By developing the understanding that sex is sacred and is a way of divine union of two souls, we pave the pathway for Soul Realization. Through sex, the individuals will be able to manifest oneness with their higher souls, and eventually, oneness with all. A strong and healthy Sex Chakra becomes a prerequisite for spiritual growth, merging individuality with oneness.

So how do we develop this understanding and put it into practice? According to the Teacher, to transform the physical sexual act into a sacred one, the following three are needed:

  1. Genuine mutual love and respect.
  2. Recognizing the divinity within each other by the partners involved.
  3. The sexual fluid or semen of the man must be preserved and retained once in a while-preferably most of the time. This technique needs to be learnt from a reliable source.

With practice, the sex energy becomes transmuted into a much higher vibration and travels upwards. As the vibrations increase, the overall frequency of the spiritual aspirant also increases. This further leads to an increase in size of the aspirant’s Spiritual Cord. As the Spiritual Cord increases, the connection with the Higher Soul increases. It is not unreasonable to state that by practising sexual transmutation, a large degree of Oneness with the Higher Soul can be attained.

In this context, we note that this is the true meaning of Brahmacharya. Brahman means “Universal Supreme God” and Acharya means “one who practices.” Combined, Brahmacharya means “one who practices union with the Universal Supreme God” through the transmutation of sex energy. And the Sex energy center is where the Foundation to a good spiritual life truly lies.


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