Your Life Will Not be the Same Again


Mine is a cake walk, I prefer it that way!

‘It’s a cake walk for me!’


‘Yeah! Because, I decide the flavor of my cake and the style of my walk!!’ Wouldn’t it be so cool if we could say that all the time?

We may agree to disagree but, don’t we choose the flavor and the style in everything we do? Even when we say yes to the choice of another, it boils down to our choice to agree irrespective of circumstances.

How often have we come across, “Trust me, you do this course or read this book, and your life will not be same again”. Right, once we have the certificate that we have finished the course or we have read the book from cover to cover with pages in between off course, we, by default, become inhabitants of the ‘perfect planet’ where you name it and it’s perfect health, relationships and finances!


– What is your target or dream? What is the motive behind it? Is the achievement and the journey

– the one of gratitude, learning , inspirations, motivations?


– the one of frustration , pressure, victimizations, resentments?

– Who is counseling you? Who are they in your life? Do they walk the talk? They may or may not be technical experts in that area but they may be

– Successful – if that makes you happy, go ahead learn end to end, their mistakes, the dos’ and don’ts.

– On their road to success – learn from their momentum, their speed, their experience but watch out, they may be ahead of you but they haven’t reach there yet, they may have their dead ends and cross roads.

– On a pause but have sight on their target- learn from them too, what made them pause? What keeps them from losing sight of the target.

– No-where – giving ideas is their random act of kindness they do 24×7 – BEWARE!

– What is the course or the book about? What is your independent gut feel about it?

– Sit in your peaceful, cozy corner, close your eyes and be in gratitude and pray for guidance,

– Connect your tongue to the palate,

– Think and experience a happy event and do about 7-10 abdominal breathing cycles, now think you have read the book or done the course. Be aware of your heart and ask how does it feel!

– Be aware of the sensations in other parts of your body; what are your thoughts, what do you feel, is there some discomfort?

– If they make you feel light and bright even though some sensations may be too good to be true – Just Do It, the things, which appear larger than life, will fall in place! If it makes you feel suffocated, burdened, choked up and in pain and discomfort, if that’s what you enjoy no one has the right to judge you, not even yourself because it is your choice that matters.

your life

Your Life is a quotient of your degree of participation and presence in it. Hence, proved what breaks the monotony of your life is the change in your degree of participation and your presence in it! Energy is all-pervasive; what you feel, touch, smell, see, sense is all energy and the energy you project to your life defines your experiences. The Art and Science that empowers you to know your Energy Return on Energy Investment is called Pranic Healing & Arhatic Yoga! Be energy self-empowered, be your uniqueness empowered!!!


  1. Inge November 27, 2016 Reply

    Thank you for sharing Jyoti! Powerful reminders and a great tool for decision making! <3

  2. Tanushree November 28, 2016 Reply

    Very well articulated …..nice one Jyoti.

    Thought provoking !

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