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  1. Champak June 6, 2015 Reply

    Thank You For Creating this Site &Making it open to the Masses Our Friend Grand MCKS Vision is to ‘- – Have one Pranic Healer in every Family – – – ‘ = His Teachings Need to be sent out Far & Wide for All to See – – –

    One of the Most important Practices for all to do is ‘ Transmutation of Sexual Energy ‘ – Some Friends asked me to speak on this & then Posted it on YouTube -Swami Champak Wisdom Masters Series -included in this YT clip is a statement ‘ – – if this practice was taught in all the children s schools – we would see the End of War on this Planet ‘
    When i Teach this to Very Young Children i modify the word’s ‘ Balance Sex / Sexual ‘ to ‘ Balance the Energy’s’

    It would be nice to see this Practice Published in a Wider Medium

    All the Swami Champak Y T Clips & information are Freely Given & Permission to copy ,use excerpts Granted

    Blessings & Love


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