Why Twin Hearts?


The Secret is in the Heart!

Being so easily available, Meditation on Twin Hearts is often taken for granted by the practitioners on the spiritual path, not knowing the miraculous effects it creates in our aura and our chakras.

Though short, the energy generated by Twin Hearts can equal hours and hours of meditation and deep relaxation and it all relies on the spiritual technology behind its practice.

Meditation on Twin Hearts in ancient days was only revealed to advanced Yogis and spiritual practitioners to accelerate their spiritual growth. It is believed to be the foundation of all spiritual practices as it develops the Crown chakra.

Without activation of the Crown chakra, illumination is almost impossible!

Twin Hearts thus works on two main human chakras – the Heart and the Crown – that serve as communication channels between us and the higher soul, or higher self.

In fact there are many methods of activating the Crown, such as chanting mantras, pranayama and Yoga… However they are not fast enough.

One of the fastest ways to activate the Crown chakra is to activate the Heart…

The secret therefore relies on activating the Heart!

Heart is known as the “Center for Human Love” while the Crown is known as the “Center for Universal Love.” These two chakras are connected!

Why Twin Hearts 1

Without activation of the Heart, Crown chakra cannot be activated.

Therefore during the meditation we become channels to bless the earth, and every person and every being on earth, with Loving-Kindness using our Heart and Crown chakras. This process helps to activate both Heart and Crown chakras to a great extent.

Furthermore though becoming a channel to bring about greater peace, joy, happiness and love to the planet earth, we get cleansed and filled with energies of higher vibration. Purification here happens in various levels of etheric, emotional and mental, that is a necessity for spiritual growth.

The Good Karma generated through blessing, further helps to accelerate our spiritual development and attract good people and incident into our lives.

Once the Heart and Crown are activated, the second phase of the meditation begins, where the activated Crown chakra is used to achieve greater levels of illumination. This is done by visualizing a point of light on top of the head and chanting a Mantra that is often OM, Amen or Amin.

Focusing on the point of light provides an anchor for the consciousness not to jump from a thought to another. So the mind achieves stillness.

“Practicing stillness and awareness enables you to engage in higher spiritual activities. Within the stillness is greater spiritual activity. Stillness is just a stepping stone.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Why Twin Hearts 2

Therefore to experience higher levels of consciousness, hear the whisper of the higher soul and experience the inner world, we need to achieve stillness.

A Taoist proverb says: “We cannot see our reflection in running water; it is only in still water that we can see.”

As our mind is focused on the point of light above the head, OM Mantra is used to raise our consciousness higher… It is like tuning into a higher station, which is called the Inner World!

After chanting the mantras, there is a moment of silence… when the deeper meditation begins.

Twin Hearts finishes with blessing the earth to release the excess energy and rooting.

Rooting is another important parts of this meditation, to make sure we have a balanced development.

Development of the upper chakras, should be accompanied by the development of the lower chakras, to ensure a safe and rapid growth which even improves our normal daily physical life, including our career and financial state.

Meditation on Twin Hearts is truly one of the greatest gifts to humanity… Spread the Light by sharing it with all!


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  1. samir December 24, 2017 Reply

    great and deep knowledge of twin heart meditation with simple words and examples. Simple yet effective. Simply love your explanation.

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