What do You Think? Is Happiness an Inner State or is it Affected by the Environment?

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Happiness is what most people are searching for in their life. Though many are looking for it, not all achieve it fully. There are times when we feel happy and satisfied and times when we feel down and low. Most people’s lives are composed of continuous moments of happiness and grief. There are only few who can remain happy most of the time, throughout all the ups and downs.

But what really bring happiness to our life?!

Knowing this simple question can help us discover ways of finding happiness and remaining positive, even though life might not be perfect at times…

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Happiness is an Inner State!

Some people believe happiness is an inner state, which can flourish from inside regardless of the outside environment and incidents. People who are happy can be found among the wealthy as well as the poor; among the successful as well as the ordinary. So they believe character is what affects the level of happiness. Attitude and perspective towards life affects how we think, feel and act.

Often people who are grateful, positive and strong feel happier than the rest. Even in the midst of difficult situations, such people remain positive and contented. We see many people on the spiritual path that are simply happy at almost every moment of life and can enjoy life to the fullest. Such happiness in the higher level is known as bliss.

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Happiness is Affected by the Environment!

On the other hand some people argue that happiness to a great extent is affected by the environment, achievements and social interactions. People, who are lonely and lack social activities and interactions, are often found unhappy. A piece of good news, an accomplishment, call of a friend and visiting a loved one can make people happy. Although this kind of happiness might be temporary, a happy life is the outcome of such temporary happy incidents happening over and over again.

While many people argue that happiness should come from inside, with most people it is still highly dependent on the surrounding environment and the outside events. So a happy life still depends pretty much on personal achievements and social interactions.


  1. Rajmohan M September 25, 2014 Reply

    Happiness is a derivative of mind which blends according to the circumstances.
    As I perceive, the mind is like a water, constantly adapting to the evolution, time, environment and so on. It has three properties of matter such as liquid, gas and solid. Everyone during the course of their lives utilize it according the circumstances thrown upon them during the times in life.
    Mind without will is feeble which makes it closer to the water properties. Mind can fly like an eagle, Mind can swim like a dolphin, Mind can sleep and hibernate like a bear. These qualities are reflected according to the environment which a human is put into.
    As water adapts to the surrounding environment’s, happiness is an inner state of mind which reacts according to the surrounding environment and the will of a man.

  2. Author
    Prana World October 13, 2014 Reply

    Thank you dear Rajmohan for sharing your knowledge with us.

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