The Tongue Tells All



Think of the tongue!


All the taste buds are on the tongue – sweetness, bitterness, sourness, or burning hot – all tastes are felt by different clusters of taste buds grouped on the tongue. They do not clash with each other – it is a harmonious co-existence of taste buds.


The tastes are so different – some likeable, some not so likeable, some disgusting. But they all enrich us with various experiences of taste. Depending on that experience, we decide which taste to go for and which taste to avoid.


These tastes also teach us wisdom – for example, the bitter taste of karela (bitter gourd) is not likeable, but is good for the system. So we learn to avoid sweet – though much liked but causes diabetes – include bitter food in the diet as it purifies the blood.

Thus we learn proper discrimination and self-control which leads to wisdom.


The tongue has tremendous potential – it can hurt; it can heal. The tongue is thus instrumental in saying kind words or hurtful words – it can be one of the major instruments of expressing loving kindness.

The Tongue Tells All 1

“What comes of the mouth
is more important than what goes into it.

Master Choa Kok Sui

The Tongue Tells All 2


Like the varied enriching tastes of the tongue, life also gives us different experiences which leave either a good or bitter taste in our mouth. Just how we accept or savor all types of food taste without getting our solar plexus agitated we should also accept the different experiences of life with calmness. And learn to quietly avoid the unpleasant.

After all, the soul incarnates in this world to gather experiences and be enriched by them. Just as we do not cut off the taste buds of bitter taste from the tongue, so we should not cut off people who give us bitter experience in life. They are the karela (bitter gourd) variety – good for the evolution of the soul.

Like Alexander the Great, we learnt what NOT to do from them. They also are our teachers.


So while learning to control the tongue – both in terms of food and of spoken words – we also learn proper discrimination, right judgement, loving kindness, self-control and thus Self-Mastery.

So let us go by the tongue towards Spirituality.


  1. syolanda dehul January 11, 2015 Reply

    Hello I want to meditate. Please guide me.

    • Prana World January 11, 2015 Reply

      Dear Syolanda, wonderful to have you here.
      That is great, sure, our suggestion is to start with the Meditation on Twin Hearts. This is a very short, but advanced meditation that has several purposes. You start with becoming a channel to spread peace, love, joy and light throughout the world; and then proceed to chanting the mantra OM, practicing awareness and developing your connection to your higher self. The good issue regarding the Meditation on Twin Hearts is that you don’t need to be a hardcore meditator to be able to do it, however, it gets so powerful that even the most advanced yogis do it regularly.
      So try it, and I am very sure you will not be disappointing. You can find it on iTunes and if you want a CD, you can order it through the IIS Publishing Foundation Website :)

  2. Jagmohan Singh February 14, 2017 Reply

    I am interested to know more about the Tongue Tells All.
    Kindly refer some books on it also about the Trainer around Ahmedabad

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