The Spiritual Path, A Sense of Wonder


“The Spiritual Path is more complicated than the Amazon.”

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui

For any student who is entering the Spiritual Path, there is a sense of wonder, of awe, of determination regarding what lies ahead. With the right Teacher and right effort, miracles can be accomplished; battles won and inner calm can prevail. As time goes by, the earnest disciple toils and longs for recognition by the Guru.

However, before that happens, there is a great deal of work that has to be accomplished before the student can really touch the mental planes where the Teacher can be contacted. One avenue to reach the Teacher is service and of course, stilling of the mind and emotions.

It has been said again and again by great teachers that the emotions must be like a clear pool of water, so that Higher guidance can be easily registered by the disciple.

Reality is very different. Anger, irritation, pride, the list goes on. The disciple is pulled in many different directions and is often bewildered at the turn of events. Do I not meditate? Am I not a good person? Am I not loved?

These are just tests.

Your emotional body is being trained. Control of your emotions is one of the cornerstones of any practice.

Take the example of a yoga class. When you first started, your body hurt and was usually exhausted after every class. Over a period of time, when you practiced your asanas, you learnt that resisting the pain and not letting go made it worse. Flexibility, lightness and strength were the consequences of your yoga.

The same goes for your emotional body. Your emotions are actively being trained every time you’re in a difficult situation. Every time you feel you are being stretched beyond breaking point – remember to let go. Eventually the fruits of your labour will become obvious – inner calm, steadiness, inner strength and flexibility.

The point is to recognize and become aware that you are being trained and not to take it personally. Do not react badly when things don’t go your way or when someone is hurtful.

“You will be tested again and again till the lesson has been learned.”

Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui

The Soul grows through these experiences and over a period of time, you become self reliant. This is not the self reliance which you think you have by being forced by circumstances to be alone or to stay alone.

This self reliance has to do with right attachment and true love. You have to learn how to be self reliant otherwise you will not be able to really serve and truly love.

“ The Soul that cannot stand alone has naught to give”

Holy Master Djwhal Khul

Love and inner peace is the reward for passing these tests.

Having a Teacher such as Grandmaster Choa Kok Sui who watches and gently guides us through this Spiritual Path, is even a bigger Blessing.

And if you are facing big hurdles, stay calm and follow the simple instructions that you have been taught in your Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga class.

As Grandmaster would say “That’s that.”


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