The Power is Within You


A Way of Life…

Haven’t we heard this often- repeated timelessly in different languages, perhaps with a different choice of words each time, nevertheless, with the same significance? All sages, saints & wise ones over the ages have often tried to tell human beings the potential and power they possess.

Yes, we, the human species, are possibly the most evolved of God’s creations on this planet known to man – with the most developed brains and nervous systems. Yet, ironically, we get entangled in a web of illusions created by that very brain and ignore the power it withholds within itself restricting ourselves to accepting beliefs that limit our own growth.

Man is constantly trying to discover new horizons and explain phenomena that do not yet have a plausible explanation in science. The power of the human brain has been constantly tested and the effect of our thought patterns recorded by various scholars, scientists and spiritual practitioners alike. To quote one such simple experiment one can refer to the Japanese scientist, Dr. Masaru Emoto’s experiments with water molecules – where he showed how thoughts, emotions, music and the use of pranic energy can transform the molecular structure of tap water. Esoteric studies and schools of spiritual practises have repeatedly brought our attention towards the potential that we possess as beings of Divine Light, Love and Power – the potential that we are yet to tap.

We are often unable to comprehend the deeper meanings of simple phrases mentioned in our scriptures because we have perhaps become too trained to looking at only the more complex things, forever searching for that which is more advanced and in the bargain we gloss over the seemingly simple, thereby missing the essence and immense power of those simple truths.

It takes the guidance and blessings of a dedicated Guru and a structured systematic spiritual practice to help us remember and understand that which we tend to forget in our race to move ahead. Master Choa Kok Sui (MCKS), the founder of the Science and Art of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga is perhaps one of the perfect examples of such a Guru, and his school just that platform of structured spiritual practices.

To me, the beauty of this Guru and his school lies essentially in its simplicity. Over the years of my experience with this system, my respect and gratitude towards MCKS has consistently grown as I have seen it transform not only lives of those who practise but also the lives of those around them.

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Pranic healing is a way of life: it is a system that allows us to develop spiritually whilst we carry on with our daily routines and responsibilities. MCKS not only explains the reasons for problems but also provides us with simple and easy tools to prevent problems, and if they are there, to tackle each one of them with precision. The step by step, well-structured approach leaves little room for errors. I remain in awe of how Grand Master Choa Kok Sui has managed to think of every detail, however miniscule, meticulously weeding out the unnecessary to hand us a highly advanced yet simple-to-use system that can enable us to identify, harness and use the power we possess.

“We are spiritual beings going through a human experience and not the other way round.”

A balance of the spiritual and the scientific can indeed bring about the change we want: we do have the power within us – the power to change our world and create our heaven on earth! All we have to do is follow simple instructions and walk the talk.

With gratitude, deep respect and lots of love.


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