The Impact of GMCKS Teachings on Quality of Life


Yes, Master, Thank You, Master!

There are no words to fully convey the magnificence of the positive effect of practicing the teachings.  It is quite clear to me by now that most of these benefits – still rippling in infinite expansion – completely escape my awareness. However, there are many concrete examples I have directly experienced in myself and those practitioners I have been blessed to meet on this path, their loved ones and those who received their treatments. One of the most outstanding is the change of quality of the radiatory field that emanates from those who adopt a regular practice. They can be described as magnetic, charismatic, soothing presences. We can feel better by just sitting beside them.

This experience drives me to underscore the word “practice”. There is no better way to communicate what Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga can do for you than to follow the first recommendation that MCKS puts forth in the Basic class. This could be paraphrased as follows: “Do not believe this blindly.  Use it.  Put it to the test. See what works.  Discard what doesn’t.” I have yet to discard an element. Everything has worked so far, provided I followed the simple instructions. Pain, disability, weakness, discomfort were relieved.  Challenging life situations were sorted out. Lives became more meaningful.  Behaviors turned more adaptive and resourceful.  Environments were harmonized.  Relationships were healed.  Financial scarcity turned into prosperity. The experience of living became more worthwhile overall… but let me be more specific.

Let me start by sharing the effects of practicing the Meditation on Twin Hearts. The “Twin Hearts” are the two main energy centers (chakras) used to generate healthy thoughts and feelings, and to connect with the most resourceful dimension of our existence. I choose this meditation because it is one of the first practices accessible to the public, regardless of their ability to take any Pranic Healing classes. Not everybody can access the blessing of an advanced academic education. Hence, it is paramount to massively enable means of transmitting those essential principles that lead to the creation of ‘a good life.’ This involves prosperity in every area of our lives: health, relationships, material resources, self-esteem, a sense of safety, agency and purpose.

To properly assess the contribution of this uniquely advanced meditation technique, let me please digress a bit with some psycho-physiological information. Please excuse my oversimplification of the extremely complex neuro-endocrine system, for didactic purposes. The instincts essential for self preservation of the individual (nurturance, aggressiveness, fear) and those for the preservation of the species and evolution (gregariousness, sexuality) – put simply, the need to alternately separate and to join, to receive and to give, for evolutionary transformation purposes – operate automatically, regulated by the autonomic nervous system. There is practically no choice in these responses, because they are essential for short-term survival. It would not be practical to have the chance to ponder on whether it is convenient to run fast if we see a wild lion approaching us! Stress hormones make sure we focus all our strength on fight or flight responses to avoid negative outcomes such as the loss or disability of the physical body. In modern days, we sometimes have our sympathetic nervous system on overdrive due to unwholesome habits. We physiologically interpret late arrival to a meeting due to being caught up in traffic, or inability to meet a deadline at work, as a life-threatening situation.

Long-term survival mechanisms take care of regeneration and repair of any damages, regulated by the parasympathetic nervous system that is antagonistic to the sympathetic nervous system.  That is to say, they work alternately and must be balanced if stress is going to be kept in optimal levels to provide for an active and flourishing life.

Summing up on this digression: we either focus our energy on self-protection through fight or flight responses (aggressiveness, fear, stress) or we focus it on self-repair through relaxation (peace, joy, love, trust). Negative emotions (immediate survival) are triggered more easily than positive ones (long-term survival). What purpose would there be for long-term survival mechanisms without short-term survival of the organism?  Therefore, positive emotions must be deliberately trained, to increase the chance of being issued spontaneously instead of negative ones.

Here is where Meditation on Twin Hearts plays an invaluable role. Regular practice enhances the habit of creating constructive thoughts and feelings.  It is a workout of the Heart and Crown chakras, responsible for good feelings and right thoughts. Blessing Mother Earth is a concrete service to world ecological balance. This meditation also develops the chance for an individual to become acquainted with their spiritual identity.  “I am the Soul” is no longer a subject of belief, but rather a first-hand experience that needs no rational justification. A spiritual identity is essential, for instance, to aid the grieving process of letting go of objects of material attachment typical of the last stages of our life cycle. The loss of professional roles and loved ones, an empty nest and physical disability are much less painful. Regular attendants to weekly free meditation groups and healing clinics overcome their grief with greater ease, with the aid of a closer contact with their soul identity. Seeing their eyes shine with grateful joy instead of sadness is one of the experiences I treasure the most and that has motivated me to persevere on this path of practicing and sharing the teachings.

MCKS gave us simple tools to build a strong connection with the Supreme Being – God, our Source – the Higher Beings and remaining intermediaries that oversee and provide help for our evolution, maintaining full contact with and efficiency in the practical world.  Through humble gratitude, we can access the highest power available to humans: to become channels of blessings of Light, Love and Power. The simple formula for forgiveness, dissolving the negative effect of error inherent to human nature, paves the way to the constant cycle of demolition for reconstruction purposes. The momentary experience of confusion prior to the creation of a new, more resourceful, order of being can be better endured with trust in the wisdom of the process, brought forth by increased awareness. Once again, upon entering the realm that traditional science relegates to subject of faith, the words of MCKS come to mind: “Do not believe anything I say blindly.  Put it to the test to see whether it works, before you adopt it.”

Many events are beyond our control, such as the weather or the behavior of others, to name a few. But we can gain mastery over our feelings, our behaviors, our circumstances and the meaning we assign to our experience of life. This ability requires proper training for heightened awareness and MCKS’ legacy involves a simple, clear, practicable and effective path accessible to any person who can read or write and is infused with good will and will to do good. Regular practice enables the choice of reaping a good life by sowing the right seeds. Yes, Master, Thank You, Master!


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