The Birth of Light | August 15th 2014


Let Us Join the Event of Light!

“The role of the guru is like that of a transformer. The guru brings down the spiritual energy to the level your subtle bodies can handle.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

15th August is the day of joy and happiness for all of us, Pranic Healers and Arhatic Yogis around the world, to celebrate Master Choa Kok Sui’s birthday.

Master Choa Kok Sui has changed the lives of many of us forever… He taught us to love, to care, to think from a higher perspective, to will and to dare… He taught us to flow, move forwards and constantly grow, constantly evolve and move beyond our boundaries to manifest our greatness… He taught us what a good person means, and reminded us of our responsibility to serve humanity, not by just by his words, but also by his actions… And for all these we will be forever thankful!

So let us all Pranic Healers and Arhatic Yogis from around the globe, join this event of light; the birth of light, and celebrate the birthday of our beloved teacher Master Choa Kok Sui organized by the Institute for Inner Studies.

The program will start from 15th August 12 midnight Philippines time to 16th August 12 midnight West-Coast time.

Join the Event of Light…


  1. Novil Wijesekara August 15, 2014 Reply

    May light be there with every one! Let’s remember the birth of GMCK with gratitude. Samastha lokha sukino bhaqanthu (May the whole world be happy)-!

  2. Author
    Prana World October 13, 2014 Reply

    So be it. Thank you dear Novil for your comment.

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