The Art of Visualizing


The Possibilities are Endless

Imagine this. “You sitting there, on the porch, holding your wife’s hand, witnessing a beautiful sunset at your holiday home, set on a beach. The soft glow of the orange sun over the clear blue sea dispensing an entire array of color palette – pink and orange and blue and purple and indigo – intricately merging into one another as if it was a painting, coming alive to reveal the magic of nature, a painting by Him. The soothing sunrays that fall on your wife’s face make you take notice of her smooth skin with little tiny freckles starting to grow from the corners of her mouth. You feel happy from the inside, glowing gloriously like the fast setting.

How do you feel? Refreshing? Relieving? A happy sight?

A similar instruction is something I give my mind, every now and then, or when I am particularly in a desperate search for a source of inspiration to pen down a couple of thousand word articles under a tight deadline (freeing up my mind, or imagining a happy situation works as a stress reliever resulting in a better piece), yes, I write for a living. They say the first line is very important, once you get it right, the rest just flows. And hence, I guess, the incredible pressure. But well, that’s just me. But this article is not for me, it’s for you, the reader, to associate yourself or identify the pressures of your life – long term one or the usuals – and to break out of the rut, through an exercise.

To me this technique or the (mental) exercise has been a form of ‘self-upliftment’, in times of pressure and anxiety, worry and worthlessness, and grief and sadness. In GMCKS term, you can call the exercise – Visualizing – an art of imagining or viewing things in your mind. It doesn’t end there, being labeled as an art; it has a powerful science behind it, a simple law of the universe – the law of attraction. You imagine say, holding your graduation certificate, when in fact you are yet to start college. The trick is to put it out there, attract what you want.

We have been, in the Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga School, taught to do it from Day 1. (Recollect your instructor teaching you distant healing.) But in our otherwise busy life, we forget that simple technique handed out to us with boundless potential. Pardon the journalist in me, but even Michael Phelps, the American swimming ace and Olympian, said in an interview, he visualizes himself winning the competition the night before the big day.

So why not use it, for yourself, to win in your daily life, like excelling in the job interview, earning the salary you wish to, being in the perfect relationship with your spouse. The possibilities are numerous.

Dedicate a specific time for practicing the technique, treating your practices just like any other appointment in your schedule, makes sure you don’t miss it or don’t give ‘no-time’ as excuse for skipping.

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So go ahead, try it, and let us know about your opinions and experiences in the comment section below.


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