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SuperBrain Smart

Increase Your Brain Power

As evident from its name, Superbrain Yoga is an exercise designed to activate the brain cells. Being an ancient simple yogic practice, great rishis of India were using Superbrain Yoga to increase the brain’s capability to process and store information, and in simple term make people more intelligent. However, the correct version of this practice was lost and distorted over time. Master Choa Kok Sui, using the principles of energy and human body, has reintroduced Superbrain Yoga as an effective method of getting smarter.

Human body is basically an advanced electronic equipment. The brain, as one of the delicate and most important parts of the body that uses 20% of the body’s total energy, also contains a complex network of nerve wiring; when the correct energy wiring is created, it produces amazing results. When the connection is wrong however, there will be no or in some cases unexpected results.

Superbrain Yoga, using the principle of ear acupuncture point, creates the proper wiring that leads to activating and strengthening the brain cells. Ear basically corresponds to the whole body; the ear lobes in this case, correspond to right and left sides of the brain.  When our fingers are squeezing the ear lobes, using a correct posture, the right and left sides of the brain get activated. However, this effect is temporary. The moment the ear lobes are released, the energy of the brain goes back to normal.

To make the effect last longer, the science of energy, breathing and directions should be taken into help. Our chakras are basically energy transformers. Not only the frequency of energy changes when it moves from the lower chakras like basic and sex to the upper chakras including heart, ajna and crown, but also the quality of energy changes from more materialistic types to more refined states of love, intelligence and spirituality. This is called in inner sciences, internal alchemy.

The energy of the sex chakra, works as a fuel for the brain. In the process of practicing Superbrain Yoga this energy is brought up to be utilized by the upper energy centers and the brain. The result is more refined emotions, peace, happiness and calmness as well as more intelligence, higher creativity and spirituality. During this process, the aura and the chakras get cleaner, brighter and energized. It also improves the condition of patients with psychological, brain and nervous system problems.

Superbrain Yoga has proven effective dealing with ADD, ADHD and Autistic children and in general is recommended for everyone who wants to have a healthy sharp and intelligent mind.

If you want to find a way to relax and improve your brain, and find it difficult and time-consuming to go for a full yoga class, try Superbrain Yoga. It just takes a few minutes, anyone at any age can practice it and the results are phenomenal!


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