Start your Prayer with a Thank You


An Element of Faith

Once a person asked Master Choa Kok Sui, the founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga, “Why do your prayers always start with Thank You?”

Master mentioned, when starting with Thank You, there is an element of faith in the prayer. So it tends to materialize faster.

“Faith is to believe what you do not see; the reward of this faith is to see what you believe.”

Saint Augustine

Why does having faith strengthen our prayer and bring us closer to what we strive to achieve?

Any prayer, whether it is written, spoken or just asked in the heart, creates a Thought Form. Thought Forms are real! They can affect us, people and what we experience in our lives.

Thoughts are in fact the seeds! They often lead to actions.

Thought Forms affect us and others in three different manners:

– The thought-forms we create that are neither about us nor about others are left behind us. They are not attached to our aura, and not to any other person’s aura, but just floating in the air until they fade away. As long as they are active, they can affect the passengers who come in contact with them and who respond to the vibrations they send out.

– The thought-forms that are created about us, will get attached to our aura and follow us wherever we go. They in fact affect our thinking, feeling and behaviors.

– Thought-forms directed to another person or objective directly goes to that person and if it finds a vibration responsive to its own, will discharge itself. However if the other person’s mind is strongly occupied with other thoughts and emotions that it is impossible for the thought-forces to find an entrance, the thought-form will hover about him, waiting for an opportunity to discharge itself.

So when we create a Thought Form through prayer, we are affecting the inner world. If the Thought Form is strong enough and in the scope of reality it will materialize. A person with a bigger aura, and clarity of thought, can create stronger thought forms. Repeated thoughts, get even stronger!


No matter how strong the initial thought form, doubt weakens it! It actually generates another thought that is deflating the initial thought.

The more faithful and confident we are when we create a thought form, it has greater chances of materialization.

So when we start our prayer with a Thank You, the prayer is more likely to be answered, because of the element of faith. Because of the confidence that we have already received an answer and we are thankful for it!

So, always start your prayer with a “Thank You.”


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