Spiritual Shopper! Are You?


The Purpose is to Attain Oneness!

Did you hear about that latest meditation and healing course, a friend asks you. You are all ears. No sooner does she start explaining the benefits of this new course- she obviously underwent it- you are quick to add about a variety of others that you have experimented with.

The chat goes on until you are able to talk in length about the vast pool of knowledge that you gathered during these years.

Such a conversation is quite common these days. In fact, more than one would expect, one comes across people in “spiritual social circles” talking about having tried their hands at different kinds of modalities.

Nothing wrong with that!

In fact, curiosity is a trait most intelligent humans display and, as people who are constantly seeking progress on their spiritual path, such exploration is not unnatural.

The journey to explore, try various things, for many, continues for several years. I have come across many practitioners who share how they followed a certain spiritual path for a few years until they found the one they settled with. I am not an exception either and my own quest to find the right path went on for more than 10 years until I found the one that I surrendered to completely.

Spiritual Shopper Are You D1

But for how long? Is there a time limit for us to keep hunting?

Now before we come to answering that, let’s look within. Is this search a real thirst for knowledge and progress, or have we gotten into the habit of merely jumping from one course to the other?

“Spiritual shopper,” a senior teacher mentioned this term during a recent talk, while implying those of us who hop on to one train only to leave the journey mid-way, hop off and take the next, and so on.

Spiritual Shopper Are You D2

So have you become a spiritual shopper?

You go for a course, curiosity takes you up several levels, and soon you find yourself doing the same with another course. Your focus shifts from your spiritual progress to merely gaining certificates. You find yourself, many times, engaged in debates on which course is good and which one is not; you advocate a few, criticize others. Now, if after years of experimenting with all these, you still see little or no progress, it is time you sit with yourself and make up your mind. It is time to reflect and see if you have become a spiritual shopper.

You are similar to that student who, after schooling, opted for commerce one year, jumped on to science another year and is now, perhaps, dabbling with arts- thereby failing to pursue even one stream. How will he ever be able to eat the fruit of the knowledge gained and reap the reward of his hard work?

Spiritual Shopper Are You D3

Spiritual Progress

Master Choa Kok Sui says the purpose of meditation or spiritual practice is to attain oneness.

How will you even get closer to the goal if you fail to follow your path with one pointedness and awareness?  Spiritual progress needs dedication and, according to senior teachers, it could take several years and even lifetimes of sincere practice to attain illumination.

Coming back to the talk where the teacher mentioned spiritual shoppers, he drew our attention to the necessity of total surrender. Arhatic Yogis are well aware that devotion to the Supreme Being and reverence to the spiritual teacher is the first pillar of Arhatic Yoga. To progress on our spiritual journey, we start from the first pillar.

Lucky are those who experience total surrender. The knowingness that you’ve being taken care of, the faith that all that is happening to you is part of divine guidance and a plan, the peace and calm, along with the sense of purpose that it brings, cannot be explained through words.

Explore and be aware that not much will be attained until you commit. Leave the desire to win that war of words with people on how much you know.

Just accept, trust and dedicate yourself to the path. In lesser time than you would have thought of, dedication, devotion, commitment and all the other things you struggled for would fall into place.

A total surrender to your path is your home coming.


  1. Nisha Sanjeev October 8, 2014 Reply

    True Shveta…identify with the ‘shopper’ habit and couldn’t agree more about surrendering!

  2. Povedi October 8, 2014 Reply

    Thank you

  3. Sreenivasa Rao Dasari October 8, 2014 Reply

    It’s really true Shveta
    and my best wishes for this meaningful article.

    spiritual shopping shouldn’t be continued for long.
    I agree that it happens in the initial phase of spiritual sadhana.
    Beginners (including myself) are always too enthusiastic or unable to experience the anticipated results or influenced by what others say. This syndrom make them unstable untill they’re convinced. I strongly believe this happens with everyone, but spiritual shopping phase may not be the same duration for everyone.

    I recall what Osho says in one of his books about practising different types of meditation. He said that
    one type of meditation may not be suitable for every one as every human is different in vibration. It depends upon where one stands on evolution path. Osho also mentions 104 or 108 (I don’t remember the exact number) types of meditations given by Lord Mahadeva and according to the Lord as telling to Maa Parvathi, one has to explore the different types of meditations untill he’s convinced.

    Spiritual shopping can be accepted in the beginning days, but it shouldn’t be encouraged. This is where senior meditators and teachers need to play a vital role in clarifying the doubts or address the skepticism among the beginners.


  4. Shveta October 8, 2014 Reply

    Thanks Nisha Sanjeev, Povedi and Srinivas for your encouraging feedback. Yes, absolutely, we need guidance and most of us do our own share of exploring …many thanks again, regards

  5. rakesh October 8, 2014 Reply

    An excellent piece indeed. Thanks Shveta for this. Tickled me at the right time.

    • Shveta October 9, 2014 Reply

      thankyou for your feedback Rakesh, glad you found it useful :)

  6. Shreem October 9, 2014 Reply

    Nice Article Shvetha,

    Infact all of us have been doing spiritual shopping for years! We are so satisfied with one system and suddenly we realize that it is not for you! While we do accept those systems are good, something makes you slow down and drop out. It also scares to think if we are offending those masters and we land into dilemma and then we go back to our gods which was introduced to us by our parents.
    One thing is for sure, the spiritual seekers are always connected with higher soul, higher guru, or higher self. So spiritual shopping is not wrong till they find “the blue pearl”, ” the mid brain”, the invisible “third eye” which is the connection /antenna to “Divine light” or “God”. The search ends there.
    All the meditations help us to reach till here. which I presume it to be the first step. We start experiencing the miracles which makes us believe more and more. And from here, I think we need another pull from our Gurus/Teachers to take us further high, with their blessings ; and we crave to spend more time with like-minded people and our perseverance grows without anybody’s help. We do not mind to pursue alone, but a group always helps to grow faster. I am so blessed that I found Pranic healing as my path and the “Masters know our life’s purpose”, so the answer as you rightly put it is “Surrender”.Thanks for your write up which prompted me to write for the first time today. God bless you, regards – Lakshmi

    • Shveta October 9, 2014 Reply

      wow Lakshmi, amazing thoughts! Being with like minded people, as you said, for sure, can be of great help staying on track. And I am really touched and grateful that you credit me with prompting you to write for the first time. Thankyou . Thankyou so much for that and hope you will pen your thoughts more often.

  7. M Murugesh October 19, 2014 Reply

    Thank you. I have got clarification for some of my doubts.
    I had got these things today, It was a special day as its birthday for this life.
    I was waited for spiritual practice for years from birth of this life finally I got more than what I have expected from our Beloved Grands Masters Teachings. I wish to serve some needy persons but Now I the soul( as a child of god) with our masters teachings, I was able to serve more than what I expected as everyone as normal being.
    I am very thankful for your words sharing above ..
    Feeling Blessed in this my Birthday.
    specially I would like to Thank Srinivasarao , Lakshmi , Svetha for the valuable and impressive messages.

    • MADHU MENON October 9, 2016 Reply

      Well said Shveta. It is human nature to pursue the unknown and experiment. But for how long.? You can’t be a shopper for life time. Once you realize that you are on the right path what is required is firm conviction and dedication. Bless you for the nice article and hope many will realize and benefit.

  8. ajit November 4, 2014 Reply

    Thanks you guys are amazing…i just accidentally came across this subject of Pranic healing n invoking…you all have enlghtened me…i thank you all from the bottom of my heart for making me feel with gratitude.

    I hv done only basic n soul courze in pune india.,but now i hv decided to finish all courses from pranic healing….thank you once again

    Gud day

    Ajit Parab

  9. Bernice Walsh May 11, 2017 Reply

    Hi there,

    I studied basic pranic healing in Galway Ireland about 10 years ago and have had amazing results. I now live in Cambridge UK but boy oh boy it’s a strange place. I know I am different, but a smile here is weird.

    I would like to ask for prayers please to find clients who will not denounce God after being cured/healed. I need to meet people who want to be healed and who believe in God. I am Catholic and sick Catholics won’t have anything to do with Pranic Healing. I would like to eventually get a Padro Pio glove from Italy to get more interest and belief in healing. Many have been healed by the glove of the stigmata from St Padro Pio.

    When I am healing I do sent requests to Jesus, His Blessed Mother and St Padro Pio and St Therese of Liseaux. Of course God as well more importantly. Pranic healing offers protection and the beautiful Twin Hearts amazing meditation I feel high after doing it for hours. The happiness I feel, I wish to share. I was born a healer for sure but as I got older I was becoming very unwell, I didn’t mind until I had babies to mind.

    Anyway, Greatness to all and God Bless all of you who spread this amazing healing to Gods Children.

    Please pray for me.

    Bernice Walsh.

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