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Our Dearest, Earth!

We all know and agree that our Mother Earth is suffering from an abrupt climate change as a result of constant pollution of land, sea and air.

We too know and agree that we must be ever more aware of the small actions we can do every day to help our Mother Earth, from recycling, reducing water consumption, avoiding plastic bags, producing less waste and saving energy, to using bicycles or walking as means of transportation, reusing paper, using recyclable packaging and taking care of the flora and fauna.

In fact there are many ways that can help improving the condition of our dearest earth and it is important that we begin today. If we have not yet started, we at least need to realize how much pollution we create every single day, individually, or as a family or company, and then define what can be changed to reduce our emissions.

Though we might be already familiar with the physical pollution, what most of us are still not aware of, or do not know is that our Planet Earth, besides a physical body, has an energy body too that is even more polluted than its physical one, because of negative lower emotions such as indifference, lack of communication, intolerance, anger, numbness, loneliness, jealousy, selfishness, hatred, bitterness, unforgiveness, stealing and pride.

The accumulation of all these negative energies and physical contamination are embodied in floods, earthquakes, tsunamis, typhoons, food shortages, droughts, volcanic eruptions, plagues, epidemics and more.

The question, therefore, at this stage is how we, as Pranic Healers, can contribute to improve this situation?

Simple! Follow the teachings of our teacher, Master Choa Kok Sui:

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Character Building

What we think, do or say to another person will be returned to us, multiplied by many, many times.

So we all need to practice Loving Kindness and Non Injury through right thought, right speech and right action!

“When you get angry with someone and you’re about to do or say something unpleasant, touches your heart, bless the person and quietly say: May the blessings of God and peace be with you and me.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

“Sometimes you’re insulted. Pain makes you feel better and you develop yourself. Stay calm, do not react. You will be tested again and again until finally achieves the right.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Make a list of the people who have hurt you or made you upset. Practice forgiveness, or at least try to generate a good thought about those people.

Practice Generosity and Non-Stealing! It is not just physical stealing that matters, but also emotional and intellectual stealing  are equally important. Stealing generates karma of poverty.

“The soul evolves by giving, not accumulating … Generosity brings good luck.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

If you want to receive love, you must first give love. If you wish to receive money, give money. First plant the seed you want to sow.

Find a chance to give something from you everyday; smile to the cashier of the supermarket, hug your kids, say thanks to as many people as you can, buy food from a person who is homeless, share your umbrella with someone. There are in fact thousand ways to give every day, just stay tuned and you will notice them. And why not choosing a person, place or organization that you enjoy helping, and commit to make a monthly contribution to.

Social Ecology 02

Meditation on Twin Hearts

Peace, Love, Forgiveness,

Hope, Faith, Light, Joy,

Loving Kindness, Happiness,

Understanding, Harmony and Divine Peace

Goodwill and the Will of Doing Good

Warmth, Affection and Tenderness,

Inner Beauty, Divine Joy and Divine Union with All

In blessing the land and being channels of divine blessings we will get purified, energized and become co-creators of a better world.

“When you practice the Meditation on Twin Hearts, divine energy radiates through your aura. Emotions and negative thoughts are expelled and your mind becomes calm and peaceful.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

We invite you to help heal our beloved Mother Earth collectively. Let’s act with good will and desire to do good; not only by becoming aware of every thought, word and action that we have created at any time, but also through daily Meditation on Twin Hearts and directing the blessings for physical, emotional, mental and etheric healing of our Mother Earth.

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  1. Dr. priti Mehta March 14, 2015 Reply

    Very heart touching article about to heal mother earth.thank u v.much for sharing this

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