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One with All – One with Our Earth

As discussed in the last article, our home, Mother Earth, is a spiritual being with a physical body as well as an energy body, with its own consciousness. And we, as energy beings, are like cells or atoms living in the huge energy body of our planet. We are, therefore interconnected, and one with it, and as a result, our actions, words, thoughts and feelings, positively or negatively, affect the earth.

Have you ever thought how we all contribute daily to climate change and the increase of greenhouse gases?

Have you ever thought how our negative thoughts and emotions joined with increased production and excessive consumption has increased 70% to these gases?

Have you ever thought that each one of us is responsible for every drought, flood, typhoon, epidemics, famine, war and other calamities?

Like our Mother Earth, we are all Spiritual Beings with self-awareness. In fact spiritual growth is far beyond everyday meditation and exercise, and it includes character building and wholesome living as well.

Our spiritual growth affects how we think, feel and act… It helps shift our attention from just focusing on ourselves, homes and family to a much wider perspective which includes every person in every corner of this planet.

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So how can we develop spiritually and maintain a healthy living to help reduce physical and energetic contamination?

The key is to raise above the physical existence and realize our true nature. To achieve this, we can regularly recite the affirmation taught by our beloved Master Choa Kok Sui:

“I am a Spiritual Being of Divine Intelligence, Divine Love, Divine Power
I am one with my Higher Soul
I am One with God
I Am One with All.”

If we start everyday with the feeling of gratitude for what we are and what we have, and the realization that we are One with All – one with the Earth, and all its inhabitants – our life will be much different from what it is right now. The feeling of oneness shifts our attention from being focused on selfish needs to care, save and protect for others. In this way, our goal will be to generate more positivity and help the people and beings who are suffering now as a result of irresponsible human beings, institutions, companies and governments; and we will be aware and will try to make a difference. In this way…

– When I close the tap to save water, I am becoming aware that there are millions of people who do not even have clean water to drink.
– When I reuse and recycle paper, I am becoming aware that this simple act will save many trees from being cut down.
– When I choose not to use plastic bags, I am becoming aware that I am saving lands and seas from getting contaminated by plastic waste and therefore I am avoiding millions of animals die per year by ingesting these toxic products.
– When I recycle, I am becoming aware that from 1.5 kg waste that is generated in a day, 75% is reusable.
– When I decide to buy local products, walking or cycling, I am becoming aware that I am helping reduce CO2 gas that is produced from burning fuel.

To help us make conscious decisions, to start reusing and recycling, it is wise to see the estimated time of decomposition of some of our regular consumed products:

Aluminum can – 100 years
Diapers – 500 years
Bag and plastic container – 150 to 400 years
Paper – 4 months

And how these products, can help developing new products:

80 cans = 1 car tire
40 plastic bottles = 1 polar t-shirt
8 boxes of cereal = 1 book

When we make conscious decisions to save our planet with every thought, word and action, we are practicing Loving-Kindness and Non-Injury toward ourselves, other people and other beings, Mother Earth and ultimately towards God.

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By showing Loving Kindness to a person, you are showing Loving Kindness to God. We are all children of God connected, rooted and one with God. Do not be violent in your thoughts, words and actions.

Master Choa Kok Sui

To reduce pollution and carbon emissions from our daily behavior, we all need to discern at the time of purchase, production and disposal.

You may think these actions are so small to change the world! But what actually matters is the sum of all our small actions that can make a difference, and if put together can bring Heaven on Earth!

Why are we talking about this?! Because the survival of humanity depends on us; the present life of our children and the future life of our grandchildren depends on the decisions we make today.

So let’s all together start now by:

– Educating ourselves and others more on the small changes we can make to save our home
– Meditation on Twin Hearts to heal our planet through:

Blessing the Earth and every person, every being
Praying for Mother Earth to be Revitalized and Regenerated

May Mother Earth be blessed with good water, good soil and good air!
Blessings be with Mother Earth!


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