Proper Reverence Towards the Spiritual Teacher

Proper Reverence Spiritual Seacher

The Dispeller of Darkness

The idea of having a spiritual teacher has been very popular among traditional cultures, but seems not to be as popular today. In fact the significance of the spiritual teacher is not really understood by many of us nowadays.

To understand the role of the teacher, we must first look at the principles of energy and how it works. It is written in Bible that Moses asked God to show him his face and God said “no one can see my face and live;” as God’s energy is very potent, if poured to one’s body fully, the body would not be able to handle the intensity of energy and may die.

This can be explained with the help of physics. If you connect a simple wire to 220 voltage of electricity, the wire can handle the intensity and therefore electricity can pass through it easily. Now, if you connect the same wire to the generating station with voltage of 13800 or more, the wire gets burnt! So to be able to use electricity in residential areas, there are certain substations with transformers designed to step down the voltage, so that when it reaches our homes the voltage is suitable for consumption.

Using this analogy, the spiritual teachers, helpers and holy masters act as energy transformers. They basically step down the intense energy of God to the level that our bodies can handle.

“The role of the Guru is like that of a transformer. The Guru brings down High Spiritual Energy to the level your subtle bodies can handle.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Now that the role of the teacher is clear, to shine light and dispel the darkness, to show the way, to guide and to bring energy and blessings, what would be the role of the students?!

To understand how the students can benefit the most, let’s go back to physics. In anything concerning energy, conductivity and resistance matter. The lesser the amount of resistance, the more the flow of energy!

Therefore for the energy to flow through you in abundance there must be conductivity. Conductivity in this context is also known as faith, surrender or devotion. Sometimes, conductivity is referred to as proper attitude or reverence towards the spiritual teacher. Conductivity does not mean that one must give up his will power and thinking faculty; it simply means giving up one’s inner resistance!

Conductivity in relation to spiritual teacher has been so important that its significance has been discussed in many religions and by many spiritual teachers, authors and schools. It is in fact the first pillar of Arhatic Yoga! Many stories have been narrated in which the power of the hero has been expanded tremendously by simply having strong faith towards the teacher and following his teacheings to the letter such as the story of Lord Hanuman or the life of Saint Ignatius. There are even many techniques and practices proposed to increase conductivity or faith like Sharanagati. The aim of these teachings, techniques and stories is to emphasize on the importance of conductivity on one’s spiritual development.

“Spiritual success depends on your Conductivity. No Spiritual Conductivity, no progress! … You can go higher and higher just by being conductive.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

What is now being interpreted as worship or has changed face to mindless idolization was basically an attempt to increase conductivity towards a spiritual teacher and towards God previously; which should be practiced with consciousness, awareness and with love.

Remember that spirituality is beyond rituals and religion; it is beyond blind beliefs! Spirituality is a science! Therefore when you want to receive blessings, make sure you are conductive enough; not because it is said so, but because it works. You may recite, “Thank you for making me internally very conductive and thank you for the blessings.” Master Choa Kok Sui


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