Silver Prosperity Management (3+ months)

Silver Prosperity Management (3+ months)

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The Silver Prosperity Management Package is a process that is used to improve the financial situation of an organization, business, or any kind of activity that requires financial empowerment.

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3 months, 6 months, 12 months

Business Healing


Pranic Feng Shui




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The Silver Prosperity Management package has 2 sections and comes at 3 timing periods!

1- Business Healing

Sometimes when the business doesn’t run as smoothly as we would like it to, there are some blockages and obstacles that we might not be aware of. These blocks, links and obstacles are in fact in many cases the cause of what is preventing our business to bloom and perhaps go to the next level. By removing them we are able to restore balance easily and make profit like we have never thought of before.

Your business doesn’t need to be in a bad condition to apply business healing. Business healing can also make your business run much faster and much more productive than what it is right now. In fact your business just like a human being has some energy centers and if you treat them correctly, balance and empower them, you will be able to bring tons of profit, prosperity and abundance to your business continuously.

2- Pranic Feng Shui for Work-Place

Pranic Feng Shui is basically designed by Grand Master Choa Kok Sui through extensive research and validation which enables us to attract and enhance the quality of our life using the universal principles of energy. It is based on the principle of Prana, Chi or subtle energy. Feng Shui simply refers to the knowledge of harnessing the energy of the surroundings and remaining in harmony with nature. It is in fact a technology that teaches how to increase energies of success, good health, happiness, prosperity and spirituality through Geomancy and using the energy field of the Earth.

You will send us the Plan and Interior Arrangements of your office and we will guide you in detail how to re-arrange it so that your work-place will be able to harness the natural energies that suit your business and/or organization activity. This will bring lots of prosperity to your work-place without you spending additional time and effort.

There are 3 timing periods available which start from 3 months and are extended up to a year. You can choose yourself or you can have an initial consultation for FREE so that we can help you select.


You will also receive a free Prosperity Graph downloadable poster by purchasing this package! This graph will further help increase the size of your basic chakra which is the center for prosperity and abundance…


CLICK HERE to have a free initial consultation with our experts!

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