Spiritual Series Workshops

Spirituality Series Workshop

Learn to Fly with Arhatic Yoga

Although there are several spiritual workshops available in the school, the base of all of them is the amazing teachings of Arhatic Yoga; and Arhatic Yoga is an amazing workshops carefully designed by Master Choa Kok Sui which is the Synthesis of different yogas.

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul

Acheiving Oneness Workshop

Have you ever wondered who you really are, where you have come from and what the purpose of your life is?

Have you also wondered what life really is and where you will go after death?

To answer such questions with details and in a proper manner, there must be a certain degree of Soul Realization.

In fat there are many levels of Soul Realization from intellectual understanding that we are not the body but the soul, to the actual experience of oneness with the higher soul to oneness with God.

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul can make it possible to start with the first degree of Soul Realization to slowly experience the higher levels by continuously practicing the meditations, purifications and techniques being discussed in the workshop.

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul is basically designed for those who are interested in pursuing a spiritual path as it accelerates the evolutionary process of the soul.  Its purpose is to fasten the union of the Incarnated Soul (often called the personality or lower self) with the Higher Soul (Higher Self).

Some of the benefits of the Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul Workshop:

  • Realizing your true nature, that you are a soul with different bodies
  • Realizing the divinity within other people
  • Creating a better relationship with your spouse, family, friends and co-workers
  • Knowing the secret behind symbols such as Caduceus, Blue Pearl and Snake
  • Being able to experience calmness and stillness even in the midst of a busy and chaotic situation
  • Learning how to use the words of power to quickly achieve inner stillness
  • Gaining ability to control the mind to a certain degree
  • Experiencing the inner light and intense bliss of the “Blue Pearl” or the “Seed of Consciousness” within you using a powerful meditation
  • Increasing the size of your spiritual cord to have a stronger connection with your higher soul
  • Learning the Meditation on Twin Hearts for peace and illumination

Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul workshop not only provides a better understanding of life and its unique purpose but also introduces and explains highly advanced spiritual concepts and symbols in a simple manner.

This workshop is recommended for everyone, as it creates a foundation for higher spiritual practices and describes evolution, oneness and soul realization in an easy and practical way.

Prerequisite: None

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Arhatic Yoga

Athatic Yoga Workshop

Arhatic Yoga is basically what you need for a fast and safe spiritual development. Spiritual people are not anemic! Spirituality does not … practicality! Spirituality bring along intelligence, love and power.

The purpose of Arhatic Yoga is to produce intelligent, compassionate, good hearted, powerful people who will help humanity.

Arhatic Yoga comes from two words: “Arhat” which refers to a highly evolved being or what is called saint and “Yoga” which means union. Arhatic Yoga is in fact synthesis of various yogas that includes powerful meditations, purifications and breathing techniques integrated into a step-by-step system to rapidly and safely accelerate your spiritual development.

Arhatic Yoga is universal and does not belong to any religion, sect or nation. The aim of Arhatic Yoga is basically to enable people with various religious backgrounds and beliefs to access the inner teachings, kept secret for centuries. The system has been designed in such a way that makes it possible to pursue the spiritual path while living a “normal life,” having a job, a family and hobbies.

It means that by practicing Arhatic Yoga not only you need not to abandon your normal life, career and relationships to develop spiritually but also it helps you to easily cope with daily difficulties and challenges of contemporary lifestyle.

Physical purifications and advanced meditations, including Kundalini and Dhyan are parts of the Arhatic Yoga workshop and are basically considered the foundation for building the much-coveted “Golden Body” in the higher levels of Arhatic Yoga.

Some of the benefits of the Arhatic Yoga Workshop:

  • Learning to use effective techniques to purify your thoughts and emotions and build a better character
  • Knowing the 5 pillars and how they can help you to have a balanced and safe spiritual development
  • Increased size of chakras and aura through meditations and spiritual practices to reinforce your innate powers
  • Gaining the ability to remove your weaknesses and convert them into strengths
  • Using meditation techniques to increase your awareness
  • Safely and rapidly awakened Kundalini energy
  • Knowing the Kundalini Syndromes and means of subsiding them

Arhatic Yoga is phenomenal as its power is beyond imagination. Arhatic Yoga is not for everyone!  It is basically designed for the ones who are interested and determined to pursue a safe and rapid spiritual development. Arhatic Yoga gathers all you need to know about your spiritual development and safe, easy yet powerful techniques to accelerate it.

Prerequisite: Psychotherapy / Achieving Oneness

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