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Health & Wellness

Health and Wellness

Quoted by Buddha, “To keep the body in good health is a duty… otherwise we shall not be able to keep our mind strong and clear.”

Good health has always been considered a treasure that although might be taken for granted often, once getting sick its true value will be noticed.

Currently more and more people are getting educated about good health and methods of keeping the body healthy. New instruments, medicines and methods are being introduced to improve the condition of life.

However, to stay healthy there is nothing yet more powerful than a healthy lifestyle.

Prevention always works better than cure!

It is both less expensive and less time consuming. Prevention just needs commitment and proper knowledge about the body and how it works. Proper diet, breathing, exercise and moderate lifestyle are common ways of improving the condition of life and thereby maintaining a good physical and emotional health, that many experts are emphasizing on.

Besides the importance of the physical body, thoughts and emotions have also come into picture as based on several experiments, they have been found important in staying healthy and fit.

There is a saying that “what you think, you become!”

Therefore besides taking care of the physical body through exercise, diet, etc thoughts and emotions should be kept clean, pure and positive. Nowadays many diseases are considered as psychosomatic, which emphasizes on the root cause of the ailments being emotional and psychological.

Energy Healing

Energy Healing

Especially dealing with psychological ailments, medical science often finds it difficult to cure the patients completely as medicine only works on the physical body. In this case energy healing techniques such as Pranic Healing and Pranic Psychotherapy have proven successful.

In fact psychosomatic diseases, which have emotional and psychological causes behind, require treatments that can address the emotional factors and complement medical treatments.

In fact because of great amount of stress, anxiety and depression imposed by competitions and improper lifestyle in current societies and increased number of people diagnosed with psychosomatic diseases, many people are turning into complementary therapies and energy healing modalities to help them ease their pain and get healthier and happier.

Energy healing basically refers to various healing modalities that use energy, also known as Prana, Chi, Ki or Life-Force to improve the condition of the patients. Pranic Healing, Reiki, Acupuncture and Chi Kung are examples of such healing technologies.

Energy healing therefore refers to a wide range of modalities and sciences that deal with the energy body to improve physical and psychological ailments. The belief is that physical body is composed of two parts; the visible physical body and the invisible physical body, also known as the energy body, the bioplasmic body or simply the aura. The energy body basically acts as a mold for the physical body and is the reason why the physical body is alive and healthy. It means that if the energy body is removed, the physical body becomes just a physical mass, without any life. The shape of the physical body is also determined by that of the energy body. This is why despite continuous years of metabolism, the shape of the physical body remains the same throughout each lifetime.

Although all these sciences believe in the existence of the energy body and the chakras, their techniques in keeping the energy body clean and balanced vary. While some of the modalities focus on the major chakras such as Pranic Healing, some other work on the minor and mini chakras such as Acupuncture. While modalities such as Reiki and Faith Healing make use of divine or universal energies, Praic Healing mainly uses life force or chi to improve health, and while some of the modalities are touched or use medicine or herbs such as Acupressure and Traditional Herbal Treatment, some other are no-touch.

Although all these modalities have something in common, which is using subtle energy to balance energy processes of the body and improve its condition, their techniques can be so diverse starting from no-touch therapies to using needles, instruments and so on.

Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing Manifest Your Greatness

Pranic Healing in this case is a no-touch, no-drug, energy-based healing modality that utilizes life-force or “prana” to improve the health of the body.

Pranic Healing is based on the principle that the body in general is capable of healing and normalizing itself. We all have experienced that even without taking medicine, a cough, cold or viral infection can be healed within a week or two.

The healing of the body can be accelerated by increasing the life-force in the body. Just as light can affect chemical reaction, which is the principle behind photography, life energy increases the chemical reactions of the body, thereby accelerating its healing process.

Pranic Healing as a complementary therapy was developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, a Chemical engineer by profession, after extensive research, study and experiments on this subject, to validate the safety and effectiveness of its techniques, and was introduced worldwide in 1987 as a science through the publication of a book called “The Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing” (later changed title to “Miracles Through Pranic Healing”).

Currently Pranic Healing as a science of complementary therapy is helping many people from all walks of life worldwide to improve their life, physically and psychologically. Practitioners from various professions in over 120 countries including doctors, nurses, teachers, massage therapists, businessmen and students are practicing Pranic Healing.

Departments of Pranic Healing in hospitals including Apollo Hospitals in India are helping patients to improve their condition by complementing their medical treatments.

Apart from being a healing modality, Pranic Healing also provides means of attaining a healthy lifestyle by introducing the world of energies and how they affect our health and well-being. Therefore not only its techniques can help to improve a wide range of physical and psychological ailments but also has proven effective in other areas of life including relationships, education, finance and child care.

In fact many energy masters of our time including Master Choa Kok Sui have done valuable efforts to convert energy healing into a science with proper techniques and principles that can be practiced by all. Through such efforts energy healing as a science is getting more and more popular and in fact many medical doctors are starting to use energy healing to complement to their general profession.

Hospitals are also starting to look into energy healing therapies as a complement to medical treatments, especially in cases of psychosomatic diseases or when medicine alone does not seem effective enough. Healing Modalities including Pranic Healing, Homeopathy and Chiropractic are already opening ways into hospitals in countries such as India, US and Australia to help people in need.

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