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The World of Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga

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Pranic healing is an energy healing system developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, which utilizes Prana or Life Force to heal ailments in the body by manipulation of the person’s energy field.

Pranic Healing as a science was developed and introduced in 1987 through the publication of a book called “The Ancient Science and art of Pranic Healing.” The name was later changed to “Miracles through Pranic Healing” to present a better and more accurate view towards Pranic Healing.

Healing in ancient days was mainly looked at as an art that only people who were born with this gift of healing could perform. As early as 1900s energy healing started to gain a scientific look through the works and efforts of many energy masters around the world, who tried to introduce the principle and techniques behind the world of subtle energies and how energy healing works in general. Since then many healing modalities became popular that could teach ordinary people, without initial extraordinary gifts, to perform healing miracles such as Reiki, Chi Qung, Acupuncture and Pranic Healing.

Being a science signifies that Pranic Healing is developed based on techniques and principles that could be learnt, studied, experimented and validated. Pranic Healing is based upon two major principles, known as ”’the Principle of Self Recovery”’ and ”’the Principle of Life Energy”’.

The principle of Self Recovery states that the body in general, is capable of healing and normalizing itself; however sometimes this natural process may take a long time and may be accompanied with pain and much suffering. Increasing the life energy of the body in this case can accelerate this natural healing process. Just how light can affect chemical reactions, Prana does accelerate the bio-chemical reactions of the body.

Prana is basically the energy that keeps the body alive and healthy; increasing Prana therefore brings about an accelerated rate of healing.

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“Miracles are fantastic events which utilize hidden laws of Nature that most people are not aware of; Miracles do not break the laws of Nature, they are actually based on them.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

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Few years later, Master Choa Kok Sui further developed Pranic Healing by introducing Advanced Pranic Healing (1992), which deals with Color Pranas to increase the rate and effectiveness of healing, as well as Pranic Psychotherapy (1990), which mainly works on emotional and psychological problems.

He later continued to publish 22 other books related to spirituality and energy healing including Pranic Crystal Healing (1996), Psychic Self Defense for Home and Office (1999), and Achieving Oneness with the Higher Soul (2000).  Arhatic Yoga as a comprehensive spiritual system with the purpose of accelerating the evolutionary process of the soul was then developed by Master Choa Kok Sui to become a reference for people interested in their spiritual growth.

The healing techniques in Pranic Healing include sensitizing the hands, scanning (referring to feeling the energy filed around the body and the chakras to diagnose the affected parts and organs), cleansing, energizing, increasing the receptivity of the patient, stabilizing and releasing (which refers to cutting the energy link between the healer and the patient).

Master Choa Kok Sui also designed workshops dealing with prosperity (Kriyashakti), business (Spiritual Business Management) and art of placement (Feng Shui) to basically address all that is needed for a healthy, prosperous and harmonious living.

Many researches and studies were conducted to examine the effectiveness of Pranic Healing techniques including researches done by Joie P. Jones, Professor of Radiological Sciences at University of California and Dr. Hiroshi Motoyama, a Japanese parapsychologist from the University of Tokyo which proved it successful dealing with various health issues.

Being effective in treating a wide range of physical and psychological ailments, opened way for Pranic Healing to get into a number of hospitals and universities as a science of complementary therapy.

Apollo Hospital of Chennai in Feb 2005, introduced Apollo Wellness Plus to complement its medical treatment in which Pranic Healing was included along with yoga, meditation and aromatherapy. In 2012, USAL university of Argentina presented Pranic Healing as a degree in the field of complementary therapy.



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The birth and development of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga is basically credited to Master Choa Kok Sui.

Being a chemical engineer and a successful businessman, he spent more than 30 years of his life doing research on the esoteric sciences and ancient healing techniques, experimenting and examining them to develop the concepts, principles, practical applications and techniques of…


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All About Pranic Healing

Pranic Healing is based on the principle that the body in general is capable of healing and normalizing itself. We all have experienced that even without taking medicine, a cough, cold or viral infection can be healed within a week or two.

The healing of the body can be accelerated by increasing the life-force in the body. Just as light can affect chemical reaction, which is the principle behind photography, life energy…


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