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The Kings Dream

Chapter One | Story One


Once upon a time there was a wise and a noble king. His land was the most glorious of all, full of trees, plants and flowers, lakes and rivers. The golden sun was always shining in the pure blue sky. The waters were sparkling and the leaves were happy green. Colourful flowers were blossoming everywhere spreading their sweet fragrance. The fluttering of the bright colored butterflies and the chirping of the birds used to fill the place with joy. His people were once the happiest people in the world and they all loved their king.


PranaKids King


But nowadays he is not as happy as before.

The farms are getting drier and drier, the spring winds are not blowing like before and the sun is not always shining. The clouds have spread towards the whole empire and the cold winds are blowing most of the time.

Coldness is everywhere. People cannot plant and do not have much food to eat. Famine and draught is spreading to his whole country, leaving the king desperate for help. He is worried and is thinking about his country and people all the time.

“How to save the country?” the king whispers to himself.


PranaKids Thunder


Days are passing all the same and no one seems to know how to help. But one night, when the king went to sleep praying for help, he had a dream, a strange but marvelous dream!

In the dream the king saw a sparkling light, huge and extremely bright. “Who are you?” he asked.

“I am here to help you my child.” the light answered him in a splendorous way. “There is a solution to all your problems and that can be found in a place far, far from here.”

The king said happily to the light: “Show me the place, show me the place!”


PranaKids Dream


“The place is an island at the heart of an ocean; an ocean far, far away. The path is not an easy path.” said the light. “You have to search for the island yourself and send your good people to bring you what you need.”

“But before you choose who to send, think and think wisely! The island is far far away and the path is not an easy path.”

That was the last word the king could remember…



Prana Kids Notes

The king is the higher soul, who sends the incarnated soul on a journey to evolve, and the island is the earth.

The light is the divine spark and we are all children of God, the most high.


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  1. shenbakam November 29, 2013 Reply

    a very good initiative… i really liked it.. very good way of narration…thank u..

    • Author
      PranaWorld December 5, 2013 Reply

      Thanks a lot Shenbakam…

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