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The Kings Call

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On that morning, the king woke up, feeling happy and contented inside.

Soon he asked for his three wise advisors and told them what he saw and what he experienced the night before in his dream with so much excitement and with all the details.

“The key is in an island at the heart of an ocean far, far away,” the King said.

“Do you know where the island is?!”

The three wise advisors kept quiet and looked at each other silently. They didn’t know about the island and its place, and so asked the king for some time. They sat together for hours and hours thinking about the king’s dream. They read lots of old books, studied many ancient stories and meditated for long hours…


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Finally one day they found the answer; they found the Island in the heart of an ocean, far, far away!

They rushed back to the King. “This is the place where we need to go my lord,” said one of the wise advisors.

The king smiled in a majestic way.

“Ask everyone to come. We should give my people the good news;” the king said and went to get ready for the big night! The night that could change everything and bring glory back to the land…


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He had to prepare; he had to be strong and present it well. So he wore his most magnificent cloths and chose his precious cane. He put his golden crown on and looked at himself in the mirror. “The old days will soon be back, days of glory and victory,” he whispered, and walked towards the balcony…


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The curtains of the balcony moved aside and the king appeared before everyone’s eyes.  The people were surprised by his look; he was so confident and calm, glorious and bright just like the old days.

He proudly looked at the crowd and said: “The solution is found!”

“The key to bring the glory back to our land is in an island far, far away.”

“The path is not an easy path, so I need your help my good people… May the wisest and the strongest among you help me…”

“Who will help me in this mission?! To build our country once again.” The king asked confidently and kept silent. He was expecting many to volunteer, many of his soldiers and powerful men.


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But no one answered the king’s call.

The king looked around and asked twice “Who will help me in this mission?” and again for the third time, but no one raised his hand. The town square was quiet and full of fear and shame…

He nodded his head, “No one?! No one is helping me?!”

“What has happened to you?! The country needs help!” He sighed and whispered sadly.

Disappointed and hopeless, he turned to go back, when he heard a gentle but shaking voice: “I will volunteer my lord…”



Prana Kids Notes

The 3 wise advisers are the higher beings giving guidance to the higher soul.


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