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The First Volunteer

Chapter One | Story Three


The voice came from a distance once more, “I will volunteer myself!”

The king turned around and searched for the voice. Expecting to see one of his powerful men, he saw a young and tender elephant girl.

“You?!” The king asked… He looked puzzled.

“How could this be possible?! The island is so far away and the path is not an easy path! You cannot go there little girl…” He grumbled and went inside the palace.

The elephant shouted again, “I will volunteer my lord! Let me go! I will volunteer for the sake of my country!” But the King didn’t come out. She felt heart broken for a moment and kept silent… while the crowd started to disappear.


PranaKids The Fountain


Desperate and disappointed, the king took his crown off, and laid down on his bed, thinking about his dream, his country and his people. “How to save the country when no one is willing to take the mission?!” He sighed and went to sleep.

Few days passed by, with the country being in a deep silence. Draught and hunger was increasing and sadness was spreading further.


PranaKids Drought in the Kingdom


Meanwhile the little elephant girl was thinking about the mission and the island over and over again. She really wanted to do something from the bottom of her heart. She was willing to sacrifice her whole life to help her people, but there was no way the king would accept her. She even tried going to the palace asking to see the king, but she didn’t get the permission.

Days just passed in misery and sadness. The king could not stand still and watch his country fade away in front of his eyes. So he made up his mind. He had to do something.

“Bring the elephant girl,” he told his soldiers.

“Do you know that the island might be a dangerous place?!” King asked the elephant. “How will you survive?!”

The little elephant girl was calm and determined, she answered “My lord, I would do whatever possible to bring happiness to my country. I love my people and even if I don’t come back, I still would like to do my part, if you give me the chance.”


PranaKids King and Elephant


The king was touched by the little girl’s love and care for the country and the people. He looked deep into her eyes and smiled. “But you cannot go alone, my little one. You need to take a friend with you.”

“But how can I find a good friend who is willing to risk his life for this mission?” the elephant asked.

“Bring three of your friends and let my advisors choose the best one. I will give them a priceless prize and a wonderful title if they agree to join you,” King said to the elephant.

Throughout the following week, the little elephant asked help from many of her friends, her family and neighbors. She knocked on every door and asked every person she saw on her way, but there was no answer. She could not find anyone to go with her to the island.


PranaKids Elephant Reflection


Desperate and sad she was sitting by the river looking at her own reflection on the water when she heard two familiar voices. “We will come with you to the king”…



Prana Kids Notes

The elephant girl is the symbol of the incarnated soul volunteering to go to the island, the physical plane. She is symbolising the soul with ray 2 quality, which is love.


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