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The Companion

Chapter One | Story Four


Don’t worry. We will come with you to the King.” She heard a voice coming from her back.

Feeling excited and surprised she turned around and saw two familiar faces…

After days and days of searching for a companion, the little elephant girl finally found two friends who agreed to help her in this mission: the bull who had a feeling of love for the little girl from long ago and the snake who was amazed and captivated by the prize and the title.

She was so happy; and shouted: “let’s go to the King my dear friends;” with excitement; “the journey can now begin.”

At the castle, the king was sitting on his throne thinking about the future of his land while he saw the little elephant running towards the castle with excitement along with 2 of her friends.


The King and The Volunteers


“My Lord, we are here to help the elephant. We would seek your approval to participate in this important mission.” Said the bull confidently.

The king looked at them and smiled. “Thank you for volunteering dear ones,” he replied. “But only one of you can go. We will need to have a discussion and the one who is chosen, shall follow the elephant to the island!”

Soon after the talk, the king asked for his three wise advisors to meet with papers and pens to see who is qualified to accompany the little girl to the island.

They discussed for hours and hours analyzing each of them carefully from various angles, evaluating the advantages, disadvantages and consequences of choosing each one of them.

They started with the bull.


The Bull


“The bull is powerful, courageous and tough,” they said, “but he might not be intelligent enough. He is blinded by his love towards the elephant.”

“What if his love goes away or fades during their mission? Will he still continue?”

“The bull has so much of anger and resentment within him as well, that could make him act strange and extreme and could tear the whole mission apart.”

On the other hand there was the snake, who was very intelligent but not physically strong.


The Snake


“His motive for volunteering for the mission was selfish;” they continued; “to get the prize and the title promised by the King. He did not have much care for the elephant girl nor the country, rather for his own accomplishment.”

However there was something about the snake that made the wise advisors think deeper; “above his selfish motive however, is his strong aim for accomplishing the mission and he knows that this cannot be done alone!” they pointed out.

They believed that his intelligence, knowledge and his ability to plan ahead was a very strong advantage over the bull, who was only physically very powerful…

They had made their decision and so stepped outside to the hall and looked at the King with satisfaction; then they faced the volunteers and gently said: “We have decided to choose the snake to assist the elephant girl in the mission as he will be a smart and intelligent friend that would become helpful on the way.”

“Bull, you are very strong and tough, but there are some qualities that you must develop before heading for such a journey. You should learn to control your feelings like anger, stubbornness and resentment, which could make the team fail in an important and long mission like this.”

While listening to the 3 wise advisors, the bull’s eyes became red; he started to brush his feet on the ground with anger and suddenly ran as fast as he could out from the castle.


The Snake Dreaming


The snake smiled silently and mysteriously. He could visualize himself getting the prize and above that the title from the King very soon. “I am going to become very rich, very famous;” he whispered to himself. He was lost dreaming about his bright future, when the strong and loud voice of the King brought him back to the present.

“You will soon save your country from all the difficulties. Get ready!”



Prana Kids Notes

The snake along with the elephant girl symbolize the incarnated souls volunteering to go to the island, the physical plane. The snake is a soul with ray 3 quality which is active intelligence and the elephant, as stated before is a soul with ray 2 quality which is love.


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