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Ruler of the Island

Chapter Two | Story Two


The lion rumbled loudly to scare them off further! He looked so fierce and scary and roared so loudly that the little elephant girl fainted and fell down in front of him.

When the lion saw the elephant fainted on the floor, he panicked. His face changed from a furious look to an innocent face. “What happened? I just wanted to play with you. I didn’t think that she gets so scared.”

When the snake realized that the lion is not as dangerous as he sounded, but friendly, he answered in a humiliating manner: “well you didn’t do a good job… Look what you have done; she is only a little girl. You should not have scared her.” Then he sprinkled some water on her face and she gently opened her eyes.


.Prana Kids Elephant Fall


“Don’t get scared little girl. He is not going to hurt us.” Said the snake while looking daggers at the lion.

“I’m so sorry little girl!” the lion continued. “I just thought you wanted to play a game.”

“By the way, who are you?” he added. “I have not seen you before in this region. Where have you come from?”

“We are coming from a place so far away from here. Our land is in trouble and the King has sent us in a mission to find a solution in this island. Now go away and let us continue our search;” answered the snake.

“Wow, that’s so exciting… Do you know where the solution is? Do you have a map? Do you know what has to be done? I want to join you in this mission. I like new adventures… I like exciting missions.”


Prana Kids Happy Lion


“No. This is not a game! It is serious and it has nothing to do with you. We need to go through lots of difficulties and find the answer we have come for.” The snake answered firmly.

The lion got angry at the snake and roared again while he said: “no one tells me what to do and what not to. I am the ruler of this island and I command you to take me with you!”

The elephant and the snake got shocked and got frozen where they were standing…

“Sorry, your answer made me angry… I have to come with you. Furthermore I know this island well. You need me to guide you where to go.”

The snake knew that he is right. They needed someone who can guide them through the jungles, mountains and fields. Although it seemed that the lion was looking for people to control and some excitement, he could also protect them from the wild animals of the island, he thought to himself. So he agreed with taking the lion with them.


Prana Kids The Snake Thinking


The lion got so happy and said, “We will start tomorrow early morning. Meet me here.” and he suddenly disappeared.

Next day morning, the lion came with his cap and mountain boots and found the snake and elephant waiting in the same place. “Follow me!” He said and marched ahead. The elephant and the snake looked at each other; they had no choice but to follow him.

They walked for an hour through the jungle when the snake lost his patience. He rushed in front of lion and angrily asked: “Where are you taking us? We have a map to follow, you know!”

The lion smiled, “First I want to take you to one of my friends to ask him to join us too. He is my bestie; I want him to be in the team. Then we will see where to go.” He answered.

“Oh God, here we go… Now they became two… and later are going to become three! I Wish I had stayed in my country!” grumbled the snake.

Right after they heard some loud screeching sounds. They started to look around searching for the sound, when they saw a lake in the distant. They reached near the lake and saw a brown, furry animal thoroughly enjoying himself playing, jumping in the lake, splashing water all around with his tail having a mischievous expression on his face.

“Hey pal! Are you ready for an adventure?” Shouted the lion…



Prana Kids Notes

The lion is a symbol of ray 1 quality, the ray of power which joins the elephant, ray 2; and the snake, ray 3 in a quest to find the treasure that will help their country from suffering.


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