Prana Kids | Journey to the Island

Journey to The Island

Chapter One | Story Five


The yellow sun was shining so bright in the deep blue sky, cool winds were blowing and the green leaves were dancing in the air. The smell of jasmines and lilies were everywhere… It was a good day to start the journey.

As the little cute elephant girl and the smart and intelligent snake were packing their bags to start their travel through the oceans and the jungles to find the island, they saw the king walking slowly towards them.

He looked them in the eye. His eyes were wet with tears of joy and respect. He held their hands in his warm and senile hands and told them how much their effort means to him and to the country. He then gave each, a beautiful diary book and an elegant golden pen.

“Write what you see, what you feel and what you experience in this diary book everyday my dear ones, and bring it back with you to the kingdom.”

He then hugged them and walked them to the balloon.


King Elephant  Snake


And their journey began…

The snake had a serious look. He took the map of the island to study while riding the balloon. He wanted to go through every detail to get prepared when they reach the island.

The little elephant girl however was very excited and cheerful. She was enjoying the beautiful scenes of the jungles, the oceans, the mountains and the farms. Everything was so small and yet so beautiful from so far away.

“Look! Look! There is a huge ship crossing the ocean; and there are dolphins everywhere. I wish I had a dolphin… Wow! Everything looks so amazing from up here.” Said the elephant excitingly.


Elephant Ship


But the snake didn’t even turn a hair. He was so concentrated and focused on the map. Once he even told the elephant to keep quiet as she was disturbing him all day long.

Few days passed by and the elephant was slowly loosing interest in watching the beauties of the earth from the balloon. The snake was also too serious and cold to talk to. He even didn’t like talking that much…


Snake Study


“I am so bored… Can we have some fun, like playing a game or sharing our memories together?” Asked the elephant girl

“This is not a game little girl. I need to study the island well, before we reach. Did you have any idea of the island and the mission before becoming a volunteer? In fact I would be interested to know why you volunteered in the first place, if I was not too busy and concerned about our mission.” The snake answered back.


Angry Snake.


She murmured to herself, “I did it because of my love to my country,” and just kept quiet, took her diary and her golden pen out and started to draw a grumpy and serious snake on the first page. While drawing she went to a deep sleep till the midnight when she got woken up by the snake.

“Wake up girl. I can see the island…”



Prana Kids Notes

The journey to the island symbolises the birth of the incarnated soul. The island which resembles the physical world is the place where the soul incarnates based on the lessons that it needs to learn.


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