Prana Kids | First Day on the Island

First Day on the Island

Chapter Two | Story One


The island looked like a huge dark piece of land surrounded by water at night. Not much was visible to the eye.

Though being excited, both the little elephant and the snake were feeling a little scared of the unknown they were about to experience. The picture of the full moon on the ocean was adding to the fearful scene they were watching from the above.

“Let’s stay the night here in the balloon, and land in the morning. It could be dangerous to land now when everywhere you look you see darkness.” Said the snake.

The elephant was feeling the same, so they both went to sleep waiting for the morning when the real journey was going to begin.


PranaKids Island Night


In the morning the island looked much prettier, appearing as a green jewel in the center of the deep Blue Ocean. It had mountains, lakes and rivers, hills and beautiful green fields.

They landed gently on the golden beach and started to search the area to find a safe haven, a cave or a tree maybe, to unload their bags.

They soon found a small cave, which was not so deep but it could be used as a shelter for a short period of time until they find a better one. They put all their loads there and just took two small bags and some food, water and snacks for a day or two to start the search.


PranaKids The Cave


They passed through a jungle full of different colors of trees, and plants with giant leaves. The fruits hanging from the trees looked very tempting though strange. The snake had heard stories in which such unknown fruits had taken the lives of the travellers so they decided to take caution dealing with anything unknown. They just took a few samples to test back in the cave.

While walking through the jungle, the snake was drawing a road map for himself on the diary where he could mark the safe and dangerous spots for future investigations.


PranaKids the Island View


As they were searching the jungle, they could hear the birds singing. The voice of singing birds in the jungle was so intoxicating that the little elephant girl just wanted to keep quiet and enjoy. She was so amused with the beauties of the jungle.

“Can we sit here for a while and just enjoy a moment of stillness and bliss?” Asked the little girl

Although the snake was so concerned about the mission and their investigation, he agreed to have a bit of rest while having lunch.

He thought when the elephant is enjoying her time in the jungle he can have a short nap, since he could not really sleep the previous night.


PranaKids Island Sleeping


After lunch, the little girl took out her diary and drew a picture of the jungle, with its colorful trees, giant plants and exciting fruits.

“The king will be amazed to see this,” she whispered to herself happily.

After few hours of rest, they started back their journey. It was getting dark, so they decided to go back to the cave.

While going back they heard a very loud scary noise. It sounded like the roar of a lion and it was getting closer and closer…

“Run!” Shouted the snake, but it was already too late. Before they even could move, they saw a big furious lion in front of them.



Prana Kids Notes

The arrival of the elephant and the snake on the Island symbolizes the birth of the incarnated soul on the physical plane.


PranaKids Ribbon


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