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One of the significant factors dealing with decoration is color. Colors in general affect our health as well as our mood; some have activating effects and some soothing, some promote mental activities and some intensify emotions.

You might have heard quite often that red is activating or blue has soothing qualities; in fact that is why red is used quite often in designing fast foods, so you eat faster and get going,  and blue in bedrooms.

Colors basically affect the chakras, thereby influencing the body, mind and emotions. Therefore based on the function of each room or area, colors can be used consciously to create expected results.

Colors in Chinese Feng Shui are divided into yang and yin. While yang colors are believed to promote activity and excitement, yin colors create calmness, stillness and inactivity. The areas are divided in the same manner as yin and yang, based on the function and the activity taken place inside them.

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Living room in this case, as a gathering and relaxing place, should promote calmness and peace and at the same time activity. It is basically a neutral area, with having some elements of activity.

Too yin colors are therefore not suitable for decorating the living room, since they might create depression in the long run. Too yang colors on the other hand may affect restlessness and irritability.

In fact white or cream color as a neutral color is good to be used for the main walls. One or two walls in this case can be colored with a bright color to create the desirable ambience based on the preference of the owner and the expected function. While green gives a soothing and relaxing feeling, orange creates more excitement. Red, yellow or brown can be used as well for this purpose. In general it is better to use lighter colors for the walls and larger areas, rather than dark shades.

Color of the furniture can be selected based on the same principle and in such a way that is harmonious to the whole theme.

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Another element used in decorating the living room is pictures and statues.

While positive scenes, pictures and quotes bring more positivity and happiness to the environment, depressing photos, dark scenes and frightening pictures bring down the energy and contaminate the place. Therefore it is highly important to avoid using scenes of wars and quarrels, photos that describe poverty, sadness and in general any photo or picture that promote sadness and negative feelings. On the other hand, beautiful scenes, trees, flowers, photos or pictures that describe prosperity, activity, harmony and in general promote happiness, success, abundance, peace and positive emotions are highly recommended.

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The statues that are known as the symbols of prosperity, growth, spirituality and peace can be used as well to create a positive and uplifting environment. The figures and symbols may vary in different cultures based on the belief system and way of life. The statue of the prosperity frog, golden coins, waterfall, elephant and spiritual figures can be among the positive objects that help to improve the energy of the house and the living room.

The statues and pictures can be chosen based on the preference of the owner and the effects he/she wants to impose.

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Flowers and plants can be also used to improve the quality of the space. Real flowers and plants not only help in purifying the air, but also have revitalizing effects. Looking at the green colors of the plants calm the mind and emotions.

Scented flowers, oils and candles through creating a nice smell, further contribute in creating a comfortable and pleasant environment.

As mentioned in the previous article, it is also important to have enough sunlight and fresh air in the living room. Sunlight and fresh air facilitate the cleansing and purifying of the space from used up energies and contamination and provide more vital energy to remove depression, dullness and sluggishness.

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For more information about colors, their preferences and expected results on the users, and pictures and decorations, you are highly encouraged to attend Pranic Feng Shui & Kriyashakti workshops, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.

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  1. Vandanah April 13, 2017 Reply

    Hi Im Vandanah from Mauritius
    It is indeed very true as you mentioned that a living room should be a relaxing area as well as activity based.
    People in this era mainly spend most of their time in the living room rather than there bedroom, be it playing dominoes, reading, watching TV or having a chat with kids….

    As we all know, white is depicted as the colour of purity and calmness. But a tinge of coloured walls together with a set of products always enhances once mood, specially after a long day….

    Thank you

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