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A Step Further than Organic

Our food and its effect on us…

“Science has studied nutrition from the chemical viewpoint: proteins, carbohydrates, sugars, minerals, fats and vitamins. So far, science at the present moment is not aware of the existence of prana; therefore, has not studied nutrition from the pranic viewpoint: the quantity and types of color prana contained in foods, and how prana affects the human body.”

Master Choa Kok Sui


One of the subjects that cannot be fully explained by science but through Pranic Healing in this case is the difference between fresh and preserved food. We often hear the nutrition advisors emphasize on the intake of fresh food rather than preserved ones, or fresh vitamins rather than synthetic ones. Although preserved food and synthetic vitamins have the same amount of proteins, carbohydrates and other chemicals, their supply of prana, also known as vital energy or chi, compared to the fresh food is very less.

In order to have good health it is highly important to have a balanced diet; not only in terms of proper intake of “chemicals or nutritive mix” but also the proper combination of color pranas that is a necessity for a healthy living.

Prana Food Project is an attempt to introduce food from an energetic perspective that was one of the significant subjects in traditional medicine. Introducing the properties of different foods and how they can help in improving various physical and psychological ailments are the goals of Prana Food Project.

Your kind support, feedback and help to this project is highly appreciated to contribute to creating a better and healthier lifestyle.


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Prana Food Recipes

It is what we have been created to do! Adding value to lives, that matter not just individually, but also as a united and divine reality that binds us all together; and to reach greater heights. At Prana World, it is within our very core to create, to improve lives; on every aspect, in any way imaginable.

We believe our bodies are temples of our soul; it must be kept pure. It should stay strong to serve and to help alleviate the suffering of our fellow men. We believe we are all one & the well-being of a single one of us, affects the lives of many others.

With Prana Food Recipes we believe we can contribute! Because what we eat, breathe and what we surround ourselves with, affect us in ways that can determine the path of our lives. What we keep inside, is what helps us think, feel and unite. It must be pure; it must be healthy; it must be divine.

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