The Force of Life, Vitality

Prana, the vital energy that fills us with life, that empowers us to exist in this reality, is the gift that life gives us, enabling us to be one with life.

We human beings receive prana internally through what we ingest through our digestive and respiratory system and externally, through our subtle structure of our inner aura and our chakras.

The three major sources of prana from which we draw externally are: the earth, air and the sun. They all come together in the air and these globules of vitality,  contained in the air are constantly being absorbing through our subtle structure.

The word prana, comes from Sanskrit, and is recognized by almost all cultures and has been identified by many scholars since antiquity. In China the word prana is known as chi, in Japan as ki or Qi, in Ebreo as Nephesch (which means breath of life) and in Catalan (which is my native language) as Esma. Words exist in almost all traditions, referring to this vital force.

Understanding prana as the force of life, as vitality, one realizes that thanks to this pranic energy our cells and molecules are coordinated to form our bodies, thus maintaining a defined body that over the years changes but always tends to follow a pattern.

Through our subtle body, so unknown to many, we are absorbing prana. Master Choa Kok Sui explains in his books and courses how our subtle anatomy works and how we can intervene to improve many alterations that could become pains, illness or disorders.

Our subtle body is composed of auras, chakras and meridians.

What we know as aura is the limit that is created by the different functions of our being.

Our subtle body is composed of auras, chakras and meridians.

What we know as aura is the limit that is created by the different functions of our being.

The inner aura, the closest to our physical body is referred to in literature as the etheric body or the double, or as the bioplasmic body.

This inner aura is what we are referring to when we speak of the subtle body in this article. It is responsible for absorbing prana from the environment and through the chakras digesting, distributing and removing dirty and/or sick energies.

There is agreement between ancient scholars about the functions of the subtle body structure and especially about its direct relationship with the physical body. Therefore we find that in most cases these bodies are not separated from each other. Everything that affects the energetical body also affects the physical body and vice versa.


We invite you to take care of this physical-etheric body, so that it can properly absorb prana and distribute it to all the cells of your body. Balancing your body’s functions and maintaining overall health.

Some of the ways that can help you take care of your body are very simple and you have probably heard them many times before. You may even already be doing some of them, but it’s always good to remind ourselves.

Our diet, breathing, physical exercise, contact with nature, good relationships, a healthy lifestyle and the joy of life.

Here are a couple of tips to keep the physical-etheric body clean and balanced:

  1. Breathe consciously every day for at least 5-10 minutes. A very pleasant way of doing this is by becoming aware of the air that goes in and out through your nose and how your entire physical-etheric body is absorbing prana through every pore of your skin.
  1. Put sea salt in your bath, or in the shower rub fine sea salt salt all over your body, so you can clean the dirty energy that has been accumulating throughout the day, before it enters your denser, physical body.

By becoming aware of prana, your aura and your chakras, your life will be easier, more fun and you will be able to live happily in your environment.

Thanks  to Master Choa Kok Sui for having
provided these teachings and helping us
have an easier, more fun and happy life. Thank You.


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