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A Constant Flow of Healing Energy

Malachite is easily recognizable by its pure fresh green colors and the beautiful striations along the surface of the stone.

Being green in color, makes Malachite one of the stones commonly used for healing by crystal healers and others. Its green color basically promotes a constant flow of healing energy and thereby improves health.

Malachite is also known as a stone of transformation as it can assist us in changing situations. Its healing powers work on the physical and emotional levels, extracting the impurities and contaminations, and stimulating Life Force throughout the aura and the chakras. It thereby creates a soothing healing effect on the whole body and the vital internal organs. Based on its shade of green color, malachite can also be used for calming and grounding.

Green Prana basically has healing abilities and it can decongest, purify and cleanse ones aura from various kinds of contaminations in a gentle manner. Green further generates a disinfecting and disinflaming quality, that makes Malachite a significant stone in treating infections and inflammations.

Its name comes from the Greek term, malakee or malache, as the color of the stone resembles the Mallow leaves.

Malachite has been a popular stone from ancient Egypt to Greece, Rome and Turkey, because of its healing and revitalizing energies. In the Middle Ages, it was believed that Malachite can also protect one from “evil eye” and psychic attacks, especially when the striations on its surface resembles the shape of an eye.

Currently, Malachite is being used by many in treating physical and psychological ailments such as infections, asthma, intestinal pains, muscle aches and arthritis. It is also known to lower the blood pressure, enhance the immune system and stimulate the liver to expel toxins.

Malachite is often called the Midwife Stone, because of its effectiveness in improving female problems such as menstrual cramps and diseases of the urinary and reproductive organs.

Some people use Malachite to protect themselves against negative radiations and electromagnetic pollutions such as harmful rays of cell phones and computers, over-bright fluorescent lighting and synthetic materials.

Most of the natural Malachite supply of the world comes from Russia, Chile, Zaire and Australia.

You can easily find Malachite in tumbled forms or geometrical shapes such as hearts, spheres and pyramids. It is not easy though to find it in a cluster form or as geode.

Malachite can also be made synthetically. Therefore it is highly advisable to get your Malachite from a reputable supplier who can help you differentiate between the natural and artificially made ones; as synthetic stones does not produce the same results as the natural crystals.

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