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The Lion's Friend

Chapter Two | Story Three


The lake was surrounded by so many huge trees and flowers. The smell of flowers was so intoxicating with their colors adding to the beauty of the lake.

In spite of all the beauties, colors and fragrances, the snake did not look happy. He wanted to start the search as soon as possible, find the treasure and go back to his country, where he belonged.

“It’s so silly that I have to follow the lion to the lake. And then watch him ask his friend, a monkey, to join us;” he grumbled to himself, while thinking and analyzing the possible ways and solutions to make the lion listen to him and help them in the mission.

“But wait! Maybe I can use the monkey to influence the lion.

Yes, I think this is a brilliant idea. So let me get to know the monkey first.”

“Hey Pal;” suddenly shouted the lion. “I have found some friends. They have come from far far away, looking for a treasure in this island. It would be fun to follow them and see what the treasure is.”


Prana Kids Monkey in the Lake


The monkey washed his face and slowly walked near them to see what the lion is talking about.

“Sounds interesting,” the monkey replied, “but let me ask a few questions before joining you.”

The snake got interested in the monkey’s style and went in front and said to him: “Hi, this is snake; the one and only. You may ask your questions from me.”

“Great… First of all who are you exactly and where have you come from? And what is the purpose of your search?” Asked the monkey.

“We are coming from a land far away from here. We have some problems in our country, and our king had a dream that the solution is here, in this island, shown in this map as a treasure. We are here to find the treasure and take it back to help our country.” The snake replied confidently.

“I see. Do you have any tools and equipment with you? How can I help you and why should I? I have a lot of things to do, you know. It sounds fun but I want to make sure the treasure is really valuable to follow you.”

The snake got really interested in Mr. monkey and liked the way he was approaching the situation.


Prana Kids Monkey


“I like your attitude sir. Finally I found someone here to communicate with and I am happy about this;” said the snake. “In fact you don’t have to follow us, but if you do and you think you can help us, we can pay you back. We don’t really know what the treasure will be, but we can give you something in return. What do you expect? And about the equipment, we have hammer, rope and basic necessary materials, but not more than that.”

“Well, I don’t know what the treasure will be so it is not really logical to me to count on it, but I can take your golden pens once the search is over, both of them. I like them. I can use them to complete my books.”

“And what help do you think you can offer?” Asked the snake.

“I have some other equipment that can help us go forward and I am very good with directions and setting strategies. I can be a good help for you for sure;” replied the monkey.

“Ok, I think I can count on your intelligence and your capabilities. We can make a deal. Welcome to the team.”

They then shook hands with a big smile and both happily turned around to join the elephant and the lion; but they were not there!


Prana Kids Snake and Monkey


“Perhaps they have got bored and have gone to play in the lake;” said the monkey, “I know my friend, lion, well.”

So they went towards the lake and found the lion playing with other animals in the lake.

“Hahaha… It is always fun to play in the lake. Come on guys. Come on in;” shouted the lion.

“Pal, it’s getting dark here. Let’s go back to my house to have the dinner you always liked. My mother is making your favorite dish tonight;” said the monkey.

“Oh I love your mother’s dishes. I’m coming. Let’s go back little elephant!”

“Wow! You know how to handle him, don’t you?!” The snake looked at the monkey with a smile and said: “this is getting interesting. Now I think we can get somewhere.

And they all started their way back to the monkey’s house for the night…



Prana Kids Notes

The monkey symbolizes ray 5, which is Concrete Intelligence according to Master Choa Kok Sui, and is the lower correspondent of ray 3 (snake).


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