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Chapter Two | Story Four


Monkey’s house was among lots of old huge trees, deep at the heart of the jungle, with a little red door and flowers all around it. The design of the house made it seem so warm and cozy; it was love at first sight, and both the snake and the elephant liked it a lot.

“You have an utterly beautiful house;” said the snake. “I should congratulate your mother for this when I see her.”

Monkey’s mother was known to be a real manager in the family. She was always serious and respectful.


Prana Kids House in Jungle


When they entered the house, the smell of a tasty dinner was already in the air and the dinner table was all set and decorated precisely.

Then came the Monkey’s mother from the kitchen. “I didn’t know you are bringing your friends my boy, you should have told me about this to prepare;” she murmured slowly.

“Its fine mum;” replied the monkey. “They are my new friends. We have created a band! Let me introduce them to you. This is Mr. snake! He is the intelligent mind of the group, and this is little elephant. She is the cutest of all.”

Snake felt so flattered by the complement of the monkey. He cleared his voice and went in front, grabbed his mother’s hand and said a warm hello to her.

“Oh how lovely;” mother replied. “Let me go to the kitchen to bring you two something to drink.”


Prana World Monkey's Mother


Soon after all the greetings and introductions, they all sat around the table to have dinner when mother said: “We need to wait for uncle turtle before I can bring you dinner my children. Hope you don’t mind.” But as soon as she finished, the bell started ringing. “Oh this should be uncle turtle. Excellent timing!”

“Who is uncle turtle?” quickly asked the snake.

“He is a very old and wise friend of ours. He is well-known in our village for helping the families and people settle down the arguments and problems they are facing. He gives consultation and counseling to all;” replied the monkey.

“That’s good. Maybe we can get his help in finding where the treasures are;” whispered the snake to himself.

The door opened and a very old and wise-looking turtle appeared behind the door. “Good evening my children.” He greeted them with a deep and adsorbent voice and sat at his regular place, at the end of the table.

The smell of the food and the varieties that monkey’s mother had prepared was very good. Snake and elephant were so hungry and were hypnotized by all the food available on the table that they started eating as the mother filled up their plates.


Prana Kids Turtle


“It has been a long long time since we had our last home-made food. Thank you for this wonderful treat!” said the snake.

Monkey’s mother smiled, welcomed them and looked at the turtle: “They are monkey’s new friends uncle.”

“Great. Where have you come from my little ones? You look different from the ones living on this island;” turtle looked at them and asked.

“We are coming from an island so far away to find solutions for our troubled land. We should find treasures here that can help us save our country. It would be great if you can guide us where we need to go and what we need to do;” said the snake.

“Sure. My pleasure dear! My duty is helping people. We can talk about this after dinner. Now it seems our little elephant is so hungry. Let her enjoy the party!”

The little elephant giggled and continued eating her food.

After the dinner, the snake took out the map and showed it to the turtle.

“We need to reach the first destination. It is called the Loving-Kindness battle. The treasure is located at the top of these mountains.”


Prana Kids Loving Kindness.


The turtle looked at it for some time. He went to a deep trance and when he came back, he looked at all of them and said: “This mountain is called the Heart of the Angel. It is a beautiful place, but reaching there is not easy. You need equipment and you need group work. No one can reach the peak alone. Remember this! If you go alone or if you leave anyone of your group behind, the door will not open. The key to achieve the treasure is to go as a group and help one another to succeed.”



Prana Kids Notes

The turtle is a symbol of spiritual guides who come to help people find their way, and unite with their higher souls.

The first battle is loving kindness, which is related to the first virtue of Arhatic Yoga: Loving Kindness and Non-Injury.


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