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“Every natural fact is a symbol of some spiritual fact.”

Ralph Waldo Emerson

Now that we have opened a discussion regarding decorations in the living room area, it would be interesting to dive deeper into symbols and symbolic decorations within the living room area and perhaps our entire living space.

First let’s see what symbols are and why they have been used in the first place.

Symbols in traditional times were basically means of communication, communication without words. Symbols were also means of transmitting knowledge, especially inner teachings which were meant to be kept secret. They were mainly in the format of a picture or image in order to transfer a larger message than just a single word; an image speaks a thousand words after all!

Therefore clairvoyants, mystics and spiritual teachers communicated with the public mainly using the language of symbols and parables. In this case deep esoteric teachings remained safe and untouched. Many times these symbols were also featured inside tales and entertaining stories in order to help the ordinary people remember them easier and keep them close to their hearts.

Many of these symbols have remained until today and thus the ones who have reached certain levels of spiritual development or have studied these symbols and spiritual knowledge could understand the meanings, stories and spiritual significance behind them and make use of them.

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However, symbols were not only created to remind or transmit information; they also create certain effects on the bodies of the people looking or interacting with them. Based on the form, color and composition, symbols influence our subtle vehicles and our entire system and thus create a certain quality within us.

The symbol or an image of a blue pearl or a golden lotus flower for example creates a certain effects on our system by activating specific chakras.

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Although symbols affect every person who looks or interacts with them, understanding the message behind them will make them more powerful. In other words a person with spiritual and esoteric knowledge who can understand where the symbol is referring to, can gain more benefit by looking at it from a person who doesn’t have any knowledge or experience.

Symbols are also means of communication between us and the higher beings. During meditations or contemplations the practitioner might see an image or a symbol referring to spiritual achievements. In some cases the practitioner might not even know the meaning behind them, but just by looking at the existing symbols he/she will gain knowledge about their meaning and the truth they refer to.

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But not all symbols have spiritual functions actually; they can be used for all kind of purposes. Some increase love and improve relationships by activating the heart, some of them have healing effects, some other increase the prosperity energy and activate our basic, and some even increase our mental capacities.

Therefore within our living space we can use symbols and signs based on the function of the room or the space. We can, by doing so, increase the productivity of that space and make it a proper place for that particular function. These symbols and subtle changes will in time create the energy that is suitable for that purpose and as a whole will create a good architecture which will benefit its inhabitance.

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To become familiar with more esoteric symbols and know more about how symbols or signs influence us and what is their actual spiritual significance  you are highly encouraged to attend Pranic Feng Shui & Acheiving Oneness with the Higher Soul workshops, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.

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