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Living Room Re-Arranged

The living room is the place where most of the activities are taken place and where most of the time is spent. Therefore it is quite important to build and decorate it using proper Feng shui guidelines. While the proper flow of energy and a good Feng Shui can bring success, wealth, harmony and peace to a house, facing the improper directions and improper Feng Shui may result in restlessness, weakness, relationship problems and financial difficulties.

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First of all in designing a pleasant living room it is very important to have minimum clutter. It should be kept neat and clean along with lots of fresh air, sun light and plants. Windows and openings can bring fresh air and sun light to the room that helps in cleansing and purifying the place from dirty and used up energies.

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Clutter not only creates stagnation and congestion, which is an obstacle in the flow of chi or energy, it also affects our mood to a great extent. A messy arrangement and unclean space contributes to a disorganized mind and a messed up feelings! It sometimes may even lead to forgetfulness and disorder.  Since we spend most of our time in the living room, we need to feel relaxed and comfortable in it; therefore the layout should encourage relaxation and a cozy comfortable feeling, which doesn’t come from a messy cluttered space.

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What matters next is the direction, which is in fact one of the most significant factors in having a good Feng Shui. The chairs, sofas and sitting places should be arranged in such a way that the person sitting, faces the auspicious directions.

While facing the correct direction can have energizing and revitalizing effects, the wrong direction can bring depletion and fatigue to the person.

As discussed previously, each direction is believed to have a lord who emanates a type of energy, affecting our health and wellbeing in a certain way. These types of energies have different colors and potencies and thus bring about different effects on our system. Since a lot of time is spent in the living room doing various activities like hanging out with friends and family, chatting or just relaxing, it is highly important to face the beneficial directions; whether the chair or sofa faces the main door, TV or windows, comes secondary. What matters most is the direction we face most of the time.

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Another significant factor dealing with the arrangement of furniture in the living room and main hall deals with the type of energy or chi they project. While Sheng chi is considered beneficial, Shar chi is harmful and is created by the sharp edges and corners. In fact sharp edges are harmful to our health by influencing the aura and decreasing its size. In Feng Shui it is advisable not to have furniture with sharp edges and corners to avoid the projection of sharp chi towards people using the space.

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The structure of the space, colors, statues, photos and paintings also affect the quality of the living room and our experience of it, which will be discussed in future articles.

To know more about the living room and how furniture should be arranged, you are highly encouraged to attend the Pranic Feng Shui workshop, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.

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  1. Manisha June 25, 2014 Reply

    Very nicely put in all the basic informations leaving a reader so much interested to do Feng Shui course of our Teacher Master Choa…I have been desperately waiting for this course to happen in India and if Master would allow will do it soon.More articles required on these issues like symbols and decor of various rooms and directions .Thank You for sharing these info.

    • Author
      Prana World October 13, 2014 Reply

      Thank you very much dear Manisha. Happy you liked the article.

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