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Bedroom is a place to relax, lie off and rest, and therefore its decorations and colors should create a peaceful and relaxing ambiance. Warm colors such as red impose excitement, dynamism and activeness while cool colors on the other hand, such as blue, and greenish blue, create calmness, stillness and passiveness.

It is thus recommended to mainly use cooling colors with white or cream for the majority of the main walls of the bedroom.

However it is very important not to overuse such cool colors as they might create depression or lethargy.

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But although the majority of the walls should be painted or covered with cooling or neutral-colors, one featured wall can be decorated with a warm color to keep the bedroom lively to a certain extent.

For example when the majority of walls have a color like cream or white, one wall can be covered with an orange-color wallpaper, or texture, like bricks, to emphasize certain decors, pieces or furniture placed in front of it, and at the same time provide a sense of excitement and joy in the bedroom.

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Pink is also a soothing color and can be used to decorate bedrooms; however it is not recommended to use it as the main and dominant color. Pink tends to make people become sensitive and therefore it is not a good color for bedrooms, especially of people who are already too emotional. Although many think pink is a good color to decorate little girls’ bedrooms, it is not!

Warm colors such as peach, yellow, orange and red in this case can be used selectively for a wall, a piece of furniture or curtains to bring enthusiasm and warmness to the bedroom to a degree that it does not disturb a good night sleep.

Especially for people who are depressed, using warm colors in decorating the bedroom can be beneficial.

Brown color can also be used in the furniture or decorative elements as well.

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Decorations are better if kept as minimum as possible in the bedroom, not to disturb its cozy, relaxing ambiance. Decorative elements, based on their shape and color affect our energy body. Some influence us positively, and some negatively; some makes us active while some keep us calm.

Paintings or photos with depressing or harsh senses should be avoided as they evoke a feeling of fear, anger or grief. Placing photos of ancestors or loved ones who have passed away are also not recommended for the same reason.

In fact any object that create a negative feeling or evoke a negative past memory should be avoided as their effect on our system is not pleasant.

Photos, pictures and objects that infuse a peaceful, calming and happy feeling on the other hand can be used in decorating the bedroom.

Furthermore, objects with sharp edges harm the aura by producing Shar Chi and therefore are not recommended.

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Artificial lighting is also very important in giving the bedroom a comfortable and cozy feeling. While too little lighting may create depression, too much light makes it difficult to rest.

In order to gain control over light, it is recommended not to use one source of lighting, which is often too bright, but to break down the lighting to a number of sources with less brightness. This not only beautifies the bedroom, but also gives us the ability to control the brightness of the room.

To become familiar with more tips on how to color and decorate your bedroom based on Feng Shui Principals and increase its peace and stillness, you are highly encouraged to attend Pranic Feng Shui workshop, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.

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