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Stillness and Peace

Bedroom is that part of the house that one needs to feel relaxed, comfortable and calm in it. Although it might be used only for limited hours of the day, it composes a very important part of the house. The bedroom should create a feeling of stillness and peace and its furniture, design and composition should induce such feeling.

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Bedroom is also a very personal part of the house for everyone and is considered as a haven or cave to hide from the business and noisiness of the outside and find calmness and comfort inside.

In order to create such place where one can feel at peace, first of all the bedroom should be simple, clean and with minimum decorations. The use of walls with sharp edges, exposed beams and sharp and bizarre furniture should be kept minimum as they create Shar Chi that can harm the aura and create restlessness, anxiety and fear.

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Having windows in the bedroom, especially at the east wall is recommended to bring morning healthy sunrays in, for purification and revitalization. Morning rays of the sun are believed to be healthy and beneficial, while afternoon ultra violet rays are considered unhealthy. Furthermore having windows at the east face can help us wake up early, as the sun rises in the sky. The light radiating from this direction, early in the morning, removes the feeling of sleepiness and refreshes the mind.

Windows can further let fresh winds come in, which further cleanses the room and removes the stagnated energies. In Feng Shui stagnated energy is considered unhealthy which can lead to sickness of mind and body. Therefore it is important to let the energy get cleansed and circulated.

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Besides the placement of doors and windows, the placement of furniture is also highly important in designing the bedroom.

Many Feng Shui experts believe that the bed should not be placed in such a way that the head faces the windows as it creates a sense of insecurity. Mirrors also should not be placed exactly in front of the bed since it might create fear.

Besides keeping such psychological issues in mind in placing the bed, it is also important to check the direction where the head is facing while sleeping. It is highly recommended to face the auspicious directions when sleeping to absorb the beneficial energies coming from such directions. While the auspicious directions can improve health and bring about more spirituality and abundance, the inauspicious directions can deplete the body and disturb health.

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Furthermore there should not be many tables, wardrobes, closets, etc in the bedroom that congest the area and create a feeling of suffocation.

The furniture with rounded edges and curved lines is best to be used in the bedroom to help in creating a calm and peaceful place for sleep.

To become familiar with more tips on how to arrange your bedroom based on Feng Shui Principals and increase its peace and stillness, you are highly encouraged to attend Pranic Feng Shui workshop, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.

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  1. chaitanya February 27, 2015 Reply

    Atma namaste,
    i have done pranic fengshui class, but its been long time since i did it, i can’t remember exactly the best direction to sleep, but i remeber that north is good for prosperity, but according to indian tradition its not good, so can please tell me which direction and why? Thank You

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