Meditation, Service & Your Chakras


“Spirituality is a Way of Life, It is not just doing Meditation!”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Chakras, the wheel-like energy vortices in our system, are more than just energy power plants!

Besides their physical function, which is to control the proper functioning of the vital internal organs, and infuse life force to the body, they also affect our mood.

Psychologically, chakras affect our character to a high degree. Differences in mood, character and talents of people, in fact go back to the condition of their chakras. While a weak chakra results in poor manifestation of characteristics of that specific chakra, an over-activated chakra can create problems too, such as worry, short-temperedness and hyperactivity. So as always said, having healthy and balanced chakras are necessary to achieve success.

However, being balanced is not enough. Chakras also should be big and strong!

The bigger and stronger the average size of the chakras, the more talented and powerful the person will become. Often people who win over challenges and excel in life, have strong, balanced and big chakras.

As explained by Master Choa Kok Sui is his book, Advanced Pranic Healing, chakras are considered weak or over-activated in relation to each other. Though healthy, big chakras are favorable, only one big chakra is not! – as it often creates more problems than opportunities.

When all the chakras in a person are big, meaning to say have wider diameters, it exudes power and maturity. A person with big chakras is a winner!

Based on esoteric teachings, the size of the chakras have direct connection with the evolutionary process of a person. While having chakras with an average diameter of 2-inches lead to poor physical, emotional and mental abilities, chakras with average diameter of 6 inches, make up a super-human with more intelligence, love and power. Therefore to become better and more capable human beings, we need to work on our chakras, making them strong and big.

“When quite undeveloped they appear as small circles about two inches in diameter, glowing dully in the ordinary man; but when awakened and vivified they are seen as blazing, coruscating whirlpools, much increased in size and resembling miniature suns.”

W. Leadbeater

Meditation Service & Your Chakras 1

There are in fact many practices that help activate the chakras from yoga to meditation, breathing exercises to zen.

Now the question is, why do some people, despite meditating have a slow rate of spiritual development?

To answer this question, first we need to discuss about the stimulated size of the chakras and their functional size. The stimulated size of the chakras refers to the activated size, right after meditation, while the functional size determines the average size of the chakras on a normal occasion.

Although meditation, breathing techniques and yoga make the chakras bigger instantly, they don’t necessarily guarantee retaining the activated size after few hours, or a day or two, when the effect is worn out.

In order to convert the stimulated size of the chakras to a functional size, meditation should be accompanied by character building and service. A flawed character can’t retain the effect of meditation for long! Spiritual development and evolution, means becoming a better person; and how can someone with a weak character become better just by doing meditation and not polishing the character and serving the fellow human beings?!

It is not possible!

Meditation Service & Your Chakras 3

This is where the beauty of Arhatic Yoga is realized…

Arhatic Yoga is not just meditation, but a way of life, a path to becoming better and more evolved!

In arhatic Yoga, character building is a prerequisite for meditation. Without cleansing, purifying and character building, meditation can become a disaster. In other words Meditation acts as a fertilizer, magnifying all the seeds and characteristics inside our system, both good and bad. If the weeds, that symbolize the negative characteristics, are not pulled out, advanced meditations such as Kundalini meditation, can even make us retrogress. Because when the chakras get activated, all the seeds, thoughts and emotions inside them, will grow too.

“Preparation for Meditation is as important as the Meditation itself.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Meditation Service & Your Chakras 2

After purification and character building, meditation helps us activate our chakras without magnifying the negative character flaws.

Service comes afterwards, to help us sustain the activated size, and make it functional. Service is equal to spiritual workout. It helps us build spiritual muscles.

Stimulated size can easily go back to the normal size, because it is still superficial, it has not yet become owned and absorbed.

Service provides a playing ground to put our abilities to the test and help us make them permanent.

You can read a manual the whole day, instructing you how to use the new appliance you have just bought, but unless you try working with it, you won’t learn how it works thoroughly; and if you don’t experience working with it, after a few hours, days or weeks you will forget how to operate it.

If you just activate your Heart chakra through meditation, but never give a helping hand, once you stop meditating, it will shrink again; because you never actualized your love; you never helped anyone; you never owned and absorbed the love of the Heart!

Therefore, there is a huge difference between the stimulated size of the chakras and their functional size and as a result, there is a huge difference between a person who only meditates and a person who takes the teachings into action, and lives them through.

And that is why Arhatic Yoga is a way of life!


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