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Reformatted and given to humanity as a gift…

Grand Master Choa Kok Sui, Founder of Modern Pranic Healing and Arhatic Yoga was a new age Guru. He spent years researching different healing modalities from all over the world and his relentless need to devise a safe and easy healing system culminated in the Ancient Science and Art of Pranic Healing. Those who have tried and tested His teachings have found them flawless. Deep spiritual teachings embedded in lucid writings has attracted people worldwide to follow this Master of spiritual technology.

Pranic Healing is a way of life and a bridge to spirituality. Grand Master Choa Kok Sui was a wizard at simplifying everything he taught, but those who practice regularly soon begin to realise that every simple teaching has a deeper meaning which begins to unfurl as the disciple develops.

The Masters precision and understanding lead to the development of the Meditation on Twin Hearts, an ancient meditation that was reformatted and given to humanity as a gift. It is spiritual technology at its best! The practitioner can evolve in leaps and bounds just by following the instructions in this guided meditation in the Masters voice and its simplicity deludes many from understanding how potent it is.

The Meditation on Twin Hearts begins with an invocation to the Great Beings for divine help and protection. This attracts the attention of the higher beings who step down the potency of divine energy entering the meditator, to a level that they can handle. One time a lady came in late for class and sat down to meditate. She began to shake and sway so the Master gently tapped her and asked her to stop and do an invocation, after which her body steadied down and she was able to handle the energy descending into her.

The invocation is followed by an instruction to think of a happy moment while focusing on the heart chakra or energy centre located between the chest. Mentally connecting to the heart chakra activates it and enhances higher emotions like love, peace, kindness and mercy within us. The heart chakra has a direct connection to the solar plexus chakra and its activation simultaneously stimulates the solar plexus chakra to spin faster and release all anger and lower emotions that may be stored within. Once the heart chakra is activated, instructions are given to activate the crown chakra or energy centre located on top of the head by thinking of another happy moment. This allows the flow of divine light to descend into the body. Meditating without activating the heart chakra can be a problem as divine energy that descends from the crown centre during meditation can fertilise the negative emotions in the solar plexus and the practitioner may feel more agitated after meditating. Activating the heart chakra is one of the specialities of this meditation.

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Next, one is asked to raise the hands at chest level with palms facing outward and visualise a small planet Earth in front. Following which the prayer of Saint Francis of Assisi is recited with an instruction to visualise energy from the heart chakra flowing with peace, love, hope, faith, light and joy to bless the Earth. Another prayer follows to bless the earth with the crown chakra. These two blessings activate the heart and crown chakra even more, enveloping the practitioner with a sense of inner peace. Lastly, Master asks the meditator to bless the Earth with the heart and crown chakras simultaneously which serves to alchemise the two chakras so that they are now vibrating in harmony with each other.

Blessing the planet has a transmuting effect on all the negativity that living beings radiate into the aura of the Earth collectively and our planet is healed to a substantial degree, especially when groups of people practice this meditation collectively. It also allows the practitioner to gain karmic entitlement to receive blessings during the next part of the meditation. The Guru always said, “If you want to receive, you must first give.” One can gauge how much good karma can be gained from blessing seven billion people on the planet and all sentient beings with peace, love, hope, faith, light and joy!

The Master next instructs the meditator to visualise a point of light on the crown chakra and to simultaneously chant the mantra OM mentally, and to be aware of the gap between the OMs. This is followed by a period of silence where the Guru says “be still, be aware and let go.” If one has the ability to really let go by loosening their physical self and relaxing (at the same time remaining upright with the spine erect), the practitioner becomes a conduit for streams of divine energy that enter at great speed into the body, flushing out all negative thoughts and emotions and energy blockages that may in the long run manifest as disease if they are not removed. It is said that divine energy is like acid that can unclog a drain. All the deep rooted obstructions can be instantly disintegrated and the body is filled with light and healing energy. (The crown chakra is the entry point for divine energy into the body while the heart chakra is the terminating point for this energy. The activation and alchemising of both these chakras in the first part of the meditation is what facilitates the huge downpour of divine energy, and the blessing of the Earth in the second part creates the karmic entitlement to receive).

Focusing on the point of light during the meditation is also very important. It is like getting on a train for a journey. While, chanting the mantra OM, is like going from one station to another. If one reaches a station and gets off to buy an ice cream for example and misses the train, he will not reach his destination. Therefore concentrating on the light is like staying on the train until one reaches the destination, and chanting the mantra OM is like going from one station to another. Sometimes during meditation practitioners begin to have visions or see colours and start getting enamoured by what they are seeing. These are merely experiences of the plane of consciousness that they are traversing during the OM chanting. If one gets stuck on these experiences it will not allow the practitioner to travel further into deeper levels of consciousness.

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Grand Master Choa Kok Sui stated that the meditation on Twin Hearts was “a technique to achieve cosmic illumination,” the highest level of oneness with the Divine! The way to do this is by meditating on, or being aware of, the gap or silence between the successive OMs. Most spiritual practitioners are aware that there are different levels of consciousness, and the higher planes surround and interpenetrate the lower ones. As each OM is chanted, consciousness expands and one can become aware of higher levels of divine light. The quality of divine energy that descends during meditation depends on the ability of the practitioner to reach higher planes of consciousness, and this varies depending on their ability to concentrate on the light on top of the head and simultaneously be aware of the gap between the OMs. However many are unable to do this effectively and therefore after Master chants the Om, each practitioner may have reached different levels of consciousness. Some may have gone higher than others. Nevertheless, since the highest level of consciousness (i.e. the level of God realisation) is interpenetrating all lower levels and is all pervading, if the practitioner is aware of the gap in between each OM chanted, they will be able to access the highest plane of consciousness at whichever plane they may have risen to, while meditating. As Grand Master Choa Kok Sui states, “In the gap lies the stillness.” Therefore one need not wait to evolve to a high degree in order to access the highest energy plane if one has mastered the ability to be aware of the gap between the OMs. Herein lies the greatness and the compassion of the Guru. He gave the world spiritual technology for quick evolution and development. The key is in the “Gap”!

Through the years, the Guru’s words often ring in my ears, “Follow simple instructions.” Now I truly understand that if we had the faith and humility to do that, we would be assured of a safe and speedy journey into higher and higher light and love. My gratitude to Grand Master Choa Kok Sui and all the Great Ones for their grace, guidance, mercy and protection.


  1. Sarvesh Kumar May 8, 2015 Reply

    Thank You Abe for penning down detailed twin heart meditation process, the meditation which changed my life.

    While going through this I felt like I was sitting in my basic class with you as instructor and you explaining Twin heart to the whole class.

    Whenever I am recommending someone to start with twin heart meditation, I have to explain the whole process to him/her. I may not be able to explain twin heart as beautifully you have done it here. Now I can simply ask them to refer this link and get started with the meditation and experience this divine journey.

  2. Anaghaa Dighey June 29, 2015 Reply

    Dear Madam…. Tehruna Meresh,

    Atma Namaste! What am amazing article… Thanks a pile for making aware of the importance of the “Gap” During the MTH… !!!

    With Many thanks and Best Regards,

  3. Savita Pai July 6, 2015 Reply

    Lovely article, it encompasses complete essence of MTH. So beautifully explained, it will be a treat to explain it to others the same way. Thank you so much!

  4. Preeti January 27, 2016 Reply

    Nice one Abe! God bless..

  5. Marie February 10, 2017 Reply

    We would love to listen to the twin heart mediation
    Could you send us the recording ?

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