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In traditional societies, the main entrance was one of the very important features of the house as it was believed that the quality of energy entering the house is determined by the characteristics of the main entrance including its look, its facing direction, its color, etc. Many rituals were also dedicated to the creation and positioning of the main door as a key element in the life of the inhabitants.

In fact the main entrance is considered the mouth of the house. As the quality of the food we eat decides how healthy our body will be, the quality of the energy flowing into the house through the main entrance determines the quality of life of its inhabitants.

Basically energy flows to the house through its opening, its doors and windows. Among all the openings, the main entrance door is the most important that should follow certain rules and patterns. The main entrance does not necessary mean the larger door, but the most frequently used one.

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In Vastu Shastra and Feng Shui many guidelines are connected to the shape and qualities of the main entrance to ensure a free and healthy flow of energy into the house.

Starting with the proper look for the main entrance, it is highly important to keep the entrance space clean and prosperous-looking.

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Existence of an underground septic tank, an open shoe rack and a dustbin in the entrance area is considered inauspicious.

The energy of the above-stated is not so clean. Therefore their placement near the entrance door makes the energy of that area relatively dirty.  When this dirty energy flows into the house, it contaminates the energy of the house and in long run causes physical and psychological problems. Having a lot of shoes in front of the door also contaminates the energy and should be avoided. In fact any object that is not energetically clean should not be kept in or near the entrance area, including the toilet.

Clutter brings undesirable chi energy, even if it is being circulated. The entrance should look clean and prosperous to attract the energies of prosperity and abundance. Any scary, odd-looking, ragged and sharp objects and decorations should be avoided.

Placement of auspicious pictures, symbols or decorations is one of the ways to further activate the energies of good luck, good health and abundance. That is why in many traditional societies, a lot of attention was given to the characteristics and decorations of the main door.

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The size of the door also preferably should have a proper proportion, should not be too small or too low.

The main entrance also projects an impression of you in the mind of others. It either reflects success, abundance, prosperity and confidence or a feeling of laziness, misfortune and clumsiness. It is either welcoming or displeasing.

A welcoming entrance, not only creates a good impression for people who are passing by who in return project a positive image and thought form about you and your life, but also attracts positive qualities of energy to your house.

A bright and vivid color, a nice handle and a colorful mat contribute to creating a prosperous-looking entrance space. Placing green plants beside the door not only cleanses the energy of the entrance area, but also creates a clean, fresh and welcoming environment.

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Shining lights and auspicious symbols further help in building a beautiful and prosperous image.

To know more about the entrance door and its influence on the quality of life you are highly encouraged to attend the Pranic Feng Shui workshop, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui.

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