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  • Do-You-Follow-Your-Inner-Voice-or-Inner-Noise

    Do You Follow Your Inner Voice or Inner Noise?

    By Prana World on August 24, 2016

    Many of us have experienced being guided by an inner voice at different times in our life. Sometimes we tend to follow this inner voice, and sometimes not! But what is this inner voice?

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  • The-Garden-of-Life

    The Garden of Life – Reflections on Nature

    By Jefferson Lim on August 7, 2016

    Man is born with two eyes to see, two ears to hear, but only one mouth to speak. A reminder to listen more and to speak less, to reflect more and to react less.

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  • 5-Things-Successful-People-Do-to-Get-the-Life-They-Want

    5 Things Successful People Do to Get the Life They Want

    By Arkadeb Bhattacharyya on July 3, 2016

    A secure future won’t automatically build itself. You have to work hard for it. Thanks to Master Choa Kok Sui, we have access to a variety of teachings and powerful technologies, including Kriyashakti. The proper application of the methods virtually guarantees us solid results.

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  • Ruler-of-Heart-and-Life

    Ruler of Heart, and Life

    By Monica Vaswani on June 18, 2016

    I don’t need a day to celebrate my father approaching closer to his goal of self-actualization, I don’t need a day to express my gratitude to him, I simply don’t need a gift to give him as a token of his successful upbringing for the reason that, I thank him every day, every moment not for giving me a life…

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  • The-Master-Arrives-When-the-Disciple-Is-Ready

    The Master Arrives When the Disciple Is Ready

    By Marta Puig on May 18, 2016

    That’s how Master Choa Kok Sui came to my life and transform it. That’s how my master communicated with me; it may be that this was the easiest way for me. How else could I have arrived to something so far from my reality at that moment?

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  • On-Fears-of-Becoming-a-Pranic-Healer

    On Fears of Becoming a Pranic Healer

    By Nandita Kumar on May 4, 2016

    When they asked us to learn Pranic Healing, apart from a skeptic, scientific perspective into things, was a deep yet imperceptible fear inside my mind. And this is there in most minds. This is the fear of being empowered.

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  • We-Truly-Start-Living-when-the-Pendulum-Stops

    We Truly Start Living when the Pendulum Stops

    By Kamalika Bhattacharjee on April 21, 2016

    We all go through life like the pendulum – oscillating between two extremes – hope and fear. Hoping for good times to come and fearing the future. Even when one is enjoying the good time, one is still afraid of the future – not knowing what it might bring with it. It is because we know that the only thing guaranteed in life is CHANGE. And we are afraid of change – not knowing what exactly it entails.

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  • The-Vesak-Meditation

    I am not a Buddhist. Can I Join the Vesak Meditation?!

    By Prana World on April 15, 2016

    Every year, during the time of Vesak, which falls on the full moon of Taurus, many spiritual practitioners from all over the world gather to receive the spiritual energies sent by Buddha to every person, every being on earth.

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