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“To understand deep Spiritual Teachings you must understand the Principle of Paradox. Within Yang is Yin and within Yin is Yang.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

This has always been asked by many people and also so many are becoming aware of themselves either being more Yin or more Yang.

The Military Officials use a lot of Yang energy. Yang is power. It can be use of WILL, a lot of over powering-ruling strength. The ability to do something, the capacity to produce, to run, to execute, to bring forth, start and terminate is predominantly Yang.

The dancers and musicians however, exhibit Yin energy in every soulful rendition. It is developed by cultivating Awareness. Yin energy is blissful and relaxing. Smile brings one person to a state of Yin. Meditation leads the mind to calm down and Yin energy predominates the personality at that moment.

Yin and Yang are both present in the person but they change and can predominate each other from time to time.

It varies with work, personality, situation and interactions.

Yin state is less frequent in the present day as most people are too busy with stress and tension, a racing mind, chasing the dreams, emotions and psychological issues. Yang is the factor which is moving the masses today! But every time there are calamities, Natural or Man-made, destructive Yang plays their wrath and their energies are exhausted after which the Yin predominates in silence, peace, healing and balance.

Yin Yang

So life is all about the balance of the Yin and the Yang. Any of the two in excess makes the person or the process imbalanced. Yin, if it is the experience of peace, then Yang is the process of achieving peace. When we do Yoga, the Aasana or exercise is Yang in appearance (pose), while the effect is Yin. When a healer heals, he follows certain steps in transference of healing energy to his patient, which is Yang while the healing itself is Yin.

Yin is essential for Sensitivity but Yang is needed for Sensibility. Yang motivates the doer to cultivate Yin. Yin is achieved through the process, using Yang. Again we see that Yin and Yang cannot be separated as one brings the other while the former is inside the latter.

During deep meditation the flow of the spiritual force, vitality and Kundalini are Yang, while the effect of it, is Yin: bliss, sweetness, oneness, etc.

One cannot be complete with only a single quality. These two qualities are the essence of life and living. Martial Arts follow these teachings and all practices and techniques are to cultivate both Yang and Yin in the practitioner. When both are Balanced it makes the practitioner a Master. Miraculous Healing can happen when the Yin and Yang of the person along with every affected organ and all Chakras and system are at equilibrium.

“Not two of the products of creation are alike. From this we know that although the number of things is infinite, at the bottom there is nothing without Ying or Yang (which differentiate them). From this we know also that the transformations and changes in the universe are due to these two fundamental forces.”

Chang Tsai


  1. radha October 17, 2014 Reply

    atma namasthe,guruvugaru , so grateful that i came to learn about yin and yang deeply .once again thank you . and felt happy by learning about your treatment with the combination of pranic healing with homeopathy .

    • Dr Prashant November 8, 2014 Reply

      Thank you Radha

      • Eman November 27, 2016 Reply

        Great article thank you

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