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If we take it literally, Pranic Healing is a healing modality that works with energy or life force to improve a wide range of physical and psychological ailments. It is basically a science behind energy healing that has been into practice from ancient times in many parts of the world including Egypt, India, China and Tibet. In other words, Pranic healing in the first place reveals the science behind energy healing in a simple way, where rituals, religion and culture does not play any role. It basically uses the laws of the nature!

“Miracles are fantastic events, which utilize hidden Laws of Nature. Most people are unaware of these Laws. Miracles do not break the Laws of Nature; they are actually based on them.” Master Choa Kok Sui

Pranic Healing follows a no-touch and no-drug technology to help the body heal itself faster using life energy.

Life energy or life force in Sanskrit is known as Prana while in Chinese it is called Chi, and is the energy that keeps the body alive and healthy. Imbalances caused by too much energy or insufficient prana makes the body sick. This is normalized by applying Pranic Healing!

“Pranic Healing is a science. It is based on cleansing and energizing. By cleansing or removing the diseased energy from the affected chakra and organ, and energizing them with sufficient prana, healing takes place.” Master Choa Kok Sui

Besides being a successful and popular healing modality that is currently practiced in over 100 countries, practitioners believe that Pranic Healing is way beyond just a healing technology. So before judging it just by looking at its name, let’s see what else Pranic Healing can do!


A Bridge to Spirituality

Pranic Healing opens a gateway towards the spiritual world. Basically some of the major chakras such as the crown chakra are the entry points or gateways to certain levels of consciousness. Through the crown chakra divine energy can enter the body. Therefore to achieve illumination the crown chakra should be sufficiently activated.

“Activation of the Heart and Crown is one of the fastest paths to Spiritual Development.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Pranic Healing techniques give the practitioner the knowledge and power to work on the chakras; to cleanse, energize and transform them.

Once the chakras and the aura get cleansed from negative thoughts, emotions and energies, it brings about clarity, peace and a better character, which in turn increases the degree of connection with the higher soul and the divine by widening the size of the spiritual cord.

“People on the Spiritual Path are not anemic. They must be sharp, strong and courageous. Being Spiritual means being Powerful, Dynamic and intelligent.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

A clean and bright aura is necessary to achieve stillness and stillness is a stepping-stone to achieve illumination

Furthermore, by activating the crown chakra, intuition will get developed. Therefore Pranic Healing is considered a bridge to spirituality and a pathway to make it possible in a fast and safe manner to experience higher levels of consciousness.

“To a large extent, Spiritual Development is Energy.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Way of Life

A Way of Life

Pranic Healing reveals the science and knowledge behind the world of subtle energies.

Everything around us is composed of energy and is influenced by it. Therefore to understand life, we need to know how energy works and what are the principles behind it.

Without the knowledge of subtle energies, life becomes uncontrollable. Pranic Healing in this case gives enough power and freedom to get control over life.

“Pranic Healers have a deeper understanding of life energy and the energy system of the physical body.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

The world of energy, similar to the physical world, is governed by laws and principles. To gain control over it therefore we need to be equipped by enough knowledge and techniques.

Pranic Healing furthermore reveals the chakras and their functions from physical, psychological and spiritual points of views. By manipulating the chakras, characters can change and situations can improve.

“Chakras are like pets. The have Consciousness of their own. The Chakras must be controlled.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

People and environment most of the times force certain conditions on our lives. Mainly people are controlled and conditioned by the environment. One of the ways to get back the control over life is through Pranic Healing!

Highway to Love

A Highway towards LoOove!!!

Love is in the heart! Therefore to experience love, heart chakra should be sufficiently activated.

Most of the times solar plexus chakra is the chakra ruling most of our relationships and this is because we seldom operate through the higher emotions. The emotions that are mainly floating in the world are stress, anger and selfish competitions, which affect everyone to a great extent. By just living in a busy stressful city, the aura gets contaminated to a certain degree. To experience a selfless and harmonious relationship, we need to act from the heart, we need to activate the heart.

“Loving Energy is real! It can be used to neutralize antagonistic energy… Without love, there is only criticism, hatred and anger.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Pranic Healing techniques together with the Meditation on Twin Heats give the ability to cleanse the aura from negative thoughts and emotions and fill it with the energies of love and compassion.

“Everyday you take a shower. Practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts is like taking a Spiritual Shower.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

To feel and experience love, we need to give love in the first place. To be able to give and share love, the heart chakra needs to get activated, which can be possible through regular practice of Pranic Healing.

Path to Prosperity and Success

A Path to Prosperity and Success

The degree of prosperity and success depends on intelligent hard work, but it also depends on the size and activation of certain chakras in the body. The bigger the size of the chakras, the more talented and successful a person becomes!

“The standard for a person on the Spiritual Path is high. What cannot be done by ordinary people can be done by you (people on the spiritual path).”

Master Choa Kok Sui

To gain prosperity first of all basic chakra should be strong enough. Without an activated basic chakra, attracting money is almost impossible. There are other chakras such as ajna and solar plexus chakra that also influence the degree of success and prosperity. Techniques to cleanse, activate and strengthen all these chakras are revealed in Pranic Healing.

Besides strong and activated chakras, you also need some other factors for success, such as enough good karma! Sometimes you might wonder that how come a person who is not intelligent enough is more prosperous and successful than an intelligent hardworking person that you know. Pranic Healing through revealing the knowledge behind the world of energy and the laws of the universe can answer such questions.

“Magic is the Science of Manifestation” using Divine Laws.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

And you?!

How has Pranic Healing changed your life? In what way has it eased your way of doing things, and why would you recommend it to anyone?

Let us know in the comments below!!!


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    Hi, this is a very good writing. I have never read anything so short and complete about pranic healing; it is well written and conveys the message perfectly. May you be blessed with success.

    • Author
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      Thanks a lot Sumar…
      Credit always goes to the teacher! Very nice to have you here :)

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