How Twin Hearts Meditation Can Lead to Peace and Illumination


“Practicing Meditation on Twin Hearts is like taking a Spiritual Shower. When your aura is clean, you experience a higher level of awareness. When your aura is very clean, you see through things more clearly.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

Meditation is a broad term that often refers to any practice that helps to regulate the body and mind in order to gain control over the mental events and thereby attain a subjective experience.

Its aim is therefore to focus the attention and increase the awareness to consciously bring the mind and its activities under control and in return gain benefits like calmness, stillness and bliss.

Benefits of meditation are vast and sometimes indescribable that highly depend on the nature and purpose of the meditation. The benefits can vary from reaching a level of peace and calmness to experiencing greater levels of intuition and illumination.

Twin Hearts Meditation in this case is a simple, yet effective meditation technique that is designed to achieve peace and illumination.

It is a 20-min guided meditation, developed by Master Choa Kok Sui, which works on the activation of the Heart and Crown chakras to bring about greater levels of peace and stillness and eventually achieve illumination.

Crown is often called the Center for Divine Love or Universal Love that needs to be activated, for the practitioner to experience the higher levels of consciousness. That is why it is often called the Center for Buddhic Consciousness by the Buddhists.

The Heart chakra on the other hand is known as the Center for Human Love. This is the chakra that enables us to love the people who are dear to us.

The key to activate the Crown chakra relies on the activation of the Heart, as its lower correspondent! Without the activation of the Heart chakra, activation of the Crown is almost impossible.

Twin Hearts Meditation in this way starts with activating the Heart chakra by blessing the earth through the Heart with Loving-Kindness, which then leads to the activation of the Crown by blessing the earth through the Heart and the Crown chakras simultaneously.

In the process of blessing the earth and every sentient being with the energies of love, peace, joy, harmony and progress it not only fills the practitioner with the energies of the same kind, but also helps in activating the Heart and Crown chakras.

Activation of the Crown chakra makes it possible to draw in a lot of divine energy into the body, which works as a purifying agent by flushing out the negative thoughts and emotions from the aura and the chakras. It also fills the practitioner with the energies of the divine light, love and power.

The effect is greater clarity, inner peace and stillness.

The stillness achieved during the Twin Hearts Meditation then works as a stepping-stone to greater inner activities and opens a gateway to gain higher inner experiences.

In Yoga it is commonly believed that when the water is turbulent, it is difficult to see through it; when the water is calm, one can see what is under the water. In this way if the thoughts and emotions are chaotic, self-realization is almost impossible. Stillness is necessary to achieve self-realization or what is often known as illumination.

Twin Hearts Meditation Peace Illumination

“Meditation on Twin Hearts reduces inner turbulence. There is calmness and stillness. With regular practice of Meditation on Twin Hearts, one achieves self-realization.”

Master Choa Kok Sui

When the mind and emotions are still, the consciousness can rise higher and experience what is known as the inner world.

This is achieved in the second part of the Twin Hearts Meditation, when the practitioner concentrates on a point of light on top of the head and chants the Mantra OM or Amen. The stillness achieved with the help of the mantra makes it easier to ascend higher and hear the voice of the higher self and eventually achieve self-realization.

Though being a short meditation, the benefits achieved by the regular practice of the Twin Hearts Meditation are invaluable.

The immediate benefit is a sense of inner peace and joy that fills the aura through the activation of the Heart chakra.

Calmness, stillness and clarity comes next by drawing in lots of divine energy, which purifies the aura from the clouds of negative thoughts and emotions; and eventually leads the practitioner to have inner experiences by giving him/her the ability to raise the consciousness higher, and step into the inner world.

Other benefits of this simple meditation include increased intuition, inner sensitivity and greater healing ability.

Twin Hearts Meditation if done in a group can increase the harmony and love among the members by opening their Heart chakras and filling the group with the energies of love.

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