How to Get Smarter? 10 Super Ways to Sharpen Your Mind


How to Get Smarter?

Who is smart and what is smartness? How do we measure it?

Currently there is no accurate measurement to define smartness; some people use the standard benchmarks such as test scores and grade points. However they have proven unreliable and biased, as people with high GPA are not always so intelligent. High scores normally come from long hours of study and based on the current educational system, they don’t indicate smartness but the ability to memorize well.

Although there are controversies in measuring smartness, as some people take the score tests as indications of being smart while others take the problem solving abilities, almost everyone agrees that a developed brain leads to increased intelligence.

In complementary sciences, where human body is studied from the viewpoint of his energy field and energy centers, smartness has a clear indication though.

In Pranic Healing, it is believed that human body is composed of two parts; the visible physical body and the invisible physical body that is often known as the energy body, etheric body, bioplasmic body or simply as aura. These two bodies are interconnected; what affects one, affects the other!

In the energy body there are energy channels and energy centers, known as the chakras. Chakras are like power plants that provide energy for the proper functioning of the body. Each chakra is responsible for controlling and energizing certain internal organs.

The upper chakras in this case, including the ajna, forehead, crown and back head energize the head area including the pituitary and pineal glands and the brain. Therefore to have energized and activated brain cells, the upper chakras must be healthy and strong.

Furthermore, chakras also have psychological functions. The throat and ajna chakras are believed to be the center for concrete intelligence and abstract intelligence in order.

This means that the healthier, stronger and bigger the size of the human chakras, especially the upper ones, the more intelligent the person. Stated by Master Choa Kok Sui, the stage of evolution of a person is evident from scanning and measuring the average size of his chakras. While the average size of the chakras of a mentally retarded person is 2 inches or less, an ordinary person has chakras of about 3 to 4 inches; the size of the chakras of an intelligentsia is 5 inches or more.

So what we need to do is to make our chakras, cleaner, stronger and active and to energize our brain. There are certain practices in this case that can help to get smarter.

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1. Exercise your Brain

Brain has the ability to improve. By simply thinking about different matters deeply and trying to understand the performance, purpose and components of each subject matter, system or object you are helping your brain to get smarter.

Many people say reading books help you improve your mental body and get smarter, however thinking about the matters discussed in the book is more important than finishing many books in shorter time without really getting deep.

2. Revise your Diet

Antioxidants, fibers, fats and small amounts of carbohydrates are useful for the proper functioning of the brain. The brain basically needs cholesterol and fats to work correctly.

Avoid taking snacks and junk food.

Some of the foods that can boost up your brain include avocado, beet, dark chocolate, apple, berries, nuts, seeds such as pumpkin seeds, Brussels sprout, kale, oatmeal, beans, egg and fish.

Besides eating the proper nutrition, you must also make sure the food you take is energetically clean. Non-healthy foods create congestions and heaviness in your energy body, your chakras and your etheric brain, which as explained earlier also affect the physical body and its proper functioning.

3. Make your Chakras Stronger

As discussed earlier, when your chakras get stronger and more activated, your intelligence, love and power will be more developed. This in return further energizes and activates your brain cells.

When the brain cells are activated and properly energized, you will find yourself smarter.

One of the techniques, which can help you in normalizing and strengthening your chakras and your aura, is Pranic Healing.

Pranic Healing is composed of simple and very powerful cleansing and energizing methods that enable you to improve and balance your energy level and increase the size of your chakras. Once the aura and the chakras, especially the ones located in the head area, are clean and strong, your mental ability will increase tremendously.

Arhatic Yoga is another efective system to improve your aura and your chakras. Arhatic Yoga is known as the synthesis of all yogas which provides a path to safely and effectively accelerate your spiritual development. Benefits of Arhatic Yoga is numerous, among which is bigger and stronger chakras.

4. Practice Superbrain Yoga

Besides the upper chakras that are responsible for activating and energizing the organs and glands of the head, including the brain, there are some lower chakras that also play important roles. One of them is the Sex chakra. The energy of the sex basically serves as fuel for the brain.

There are certain yogic practices that from ancient days believed to facilitate the flow of energy from the lower chakras to the brain and therefore improve the brain cells. One of these practices is called Superbrain Yoga, introduced by Master Choa Kok Sui that uses the principles of ear acupuncture point to activate the brain cells.

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5. Sleep Well

Sleep basically recharges the body and the brain. It also allows the brain to catalogue the information gathered during the previous day and organize them by putting them in the proper mental folders. This will shift the information from the short-term memory to the long-term.

Therefore sleep helps the brain to function better and improves its ability to focus. In fact, sleeping problems have been observed to affect the proper functioning of the brain.

6. Meditate

Meditation in general, calms down the emotions and clears the thoughts. Therefore it increases clarity of mind.

Based on the researches done, meditation has a kind of cleaning effect on the human system. Meditation on Twin Hearts, as one of the easy but very powerful techniques, basically flushes the clouds of unfavorable thoughts and emotions out by allowing tremendous amounts of divine energy to enter the system. It further balances the energies of the chakras and activates the human heart and crown chakras.

The result is not only relieving stress and calming effect on the body but also it develops the human’s intuition by activating the crown energy center. Intuition is basically different from intellect. Intuition is known as direct knowing without reading or studying about a subject matter and is sometimes interpreted as the guidance coming from above.

It is believed that the highly successful businessmen and scientists in history, besides being highly intelligent have been partially intuitive.

Meditation in this case has positive effects on the brain structure and further improves memory and increases focus and clarity.

7. Do Regular Physical and Breathing Exercise

Body and mind are somehow interconnected. To have a sharp and intelligent mind, you need to have a healthy physical body.

It is said that physical body is like the hardware; in order to install updated software, the hardware should be compatible. Meditation helps you to update your software, which can even detect higher frequencies of vibrations through intuition and inner experiences; the physical brain should also get updated to be able to register these vibrations.

Regular exercise further helps in relieving stress and detoxifying the body. Breathing exercises in this case purify the energy body from negative and used-up energies and calm the emotions.

8. Choose Smart Friends

Interacting with smart people helps you to get smarter. During the thought-provoking and intelligent conversations, not only you gather information and learn more, but also you exercise your brain by thinking about various subjects continuously.

Therefore by hanging around people who are more intelligent than you, you get motivated to expand your knowledge and improve yourself.

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9. Get Organized

Being organized helps you to focus better. It further helps you to manage your time better so that you have more free time to engage yourself in more self-improvement activities such as reading, writing and meditation.

To manage your time better follow three steps: 1. Write down your tasks. 2. Prioritize them and do the hard ones first. 3. Fill up the empty moments with something productive.

10. Think Positive

The more positive, happy and cheerful you are, the more alert and focused you become. Positive emotions basically nourish the soul.

As negative emotions have destructive effects on the human chakras by over-activating the solar plexus chakra, smutching the aura and clouding the perception, positive emotions have soothing and nurturing effect.

When the emotions are calm and positive, the mind gets clear and the attention gets focused without disturbances.

Therefore to be smarter and to think clearly, it is highly important to have calm, regulated and positive emotions.

So to sum up: How to get smarter?

We need to make our chakras cleaner, stronger and more active, and we need to constantly energise our brain. By using some simple techniques like Superbrain Yoga or Pranic Healing we can easily achieve that and gain the edge…


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